News – January 8, 2021

(Wisconsin) Wisconsin Congressman Glenn Grothman is condemning D.C. rioters and members of the Trump team. He said the latter encouraged those rioters at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday. In statement released yesterday, the 6th District Republican singled out Rudy Giuliani and the President’s son, Donald Trump Jr. Grothman also said “James Madison and Alexander Hamilton are spinning in their graves,” referring to Congressmen who voted to not certify electoral votes in Arizona and Pennsylvania. Grothman did not name two of those Republicans, Wisconsin’s Tom Tiffany and former State Senator Scott Fitzgerald of Juneau who was recently installed in congress to the seat vacated by longtime Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner. Grothman also did not specifically condemn Donald Trump.

(Wisconsin) Add Senator Tammy Baldwin to the list of lawmakers calling for the ouster of President Trump. Baldwin has joined the call for Vice President Mike Pence and the Cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment, which would immediately remove President Trump from office on the grounds that he’s unfit to serve. Baldwin’s comments join hundreds of lawmakers in the Capitol that are calling for either an impeachment or removal of the President. It’s unclear if either effort would work fast enough to get the President out of office before Joe Biden is sworn in in two weeks.

(Wisconsin) Senator Ron Johnson is now facing some harsh comparisons from Republicans after Wednesday’s riot at the US Capitol. The Anti-Trump Republican group The Lincoln Project is swearing to run ads against Johnson if he runs for office again. The RightWisconsin website likewise invoked McCarthyism in an editorial that said that McCarthy would have been proud of Johnson. Johnson originally was part of an effort to overturn the results of the November election, but backed off from that position after rioters stormed the Capitol building during debates. Johnson has previously said he would not run for senator in 2022, but it’s unclear if he has plans for higher office.

(Dodge County) There were 40 more COVID-19 related deaths reported Thursday in Wisconsin. Just a day after surpassing 5,000, the state’s coronavirus deaths now total 5,079. The Department of Health Services reported 3,791 positive results, with more than 10,000 tests for the first time in about two weeks. Dodge County has experienced 126 deaths and 10,598 case, a one-day increase of 52 positive tests. Health officials in Dodge County are actively monitoring 305 people. Washington County reported two deaths Thursday.

(Calamus) Authorities have identified the teenager killed following Tuesday’s two-vehicle crash in the Town of Calamus. Wilhelm Rist of Randolph began spinning counter-clockwise while negotiating a curve on Highway 73 near County Road D. The 17-year-old crossed the centerline and collided with a northbound truck as it was turning right. Rist, the sole occupant of his vehicle, was transported to UW-Hospital in Madison where he was pronounced dead a short time later. The driver and lone occupant of the truck was not injured in the crash which remains under investigation.

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam Common Council is meeting in special session Monday to consider a land purchase as part of the city’s plan for a new Department of Public Works facility. The plan being considered involves repurposing the former Evoqua building, an 89-thousand square foot structure located at the end of Industrial Drive in the Lakeside Business Park. The plan would be to pay for the purchase of the $1.8-million building with funds on hand and later borrow for the entire $10.2 million dollars over 20 years at 2.25-percent and replenish the city coffers. That would cost taxpayers $60-per year for every one-hundred thousand dollars in property value. The relocation was identified in a facility study a decade ago to preserve equipment and address safety issues.