News – January 2, 2016

BDLIA Administering DNR Lake Improvement Grants


1/2/16 – Lakeshore property owners in Beaver Dam are being offered an opportunity again this year to receive state funding for a variety of projects that are meant to benefit the city’s lake.  The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is offering grant funds as part of the Healthy Lakes Initiative.  Beaver Dam Lake Improvement Association President Bill Boettge says that the grant funding requests must go through the BDLIA, who is locally sponsoring the effort. Last year, the association received grant approvals for five projects totaling over $5600 and Boettge says they would like to match that number of projects or more in 2016. The projects eligible for grant funding include: the deployment of fish sticks, the installation of native planting packages, the diversion of runoff water, the placement of rock infiltration pits or trenches, and the installation of upland rain gardens.  Boettge says that he finds the projects to be very beneficial for all parties involved in the program: the lake and the animals that inhabit it as well as the property owners.  The DNR will pay 75-percent of approved projects up to $1000.  The property owner is responsible for 25-percent; however that cost can include their labor which can be billed at $12 an hour.  The deadline for submission of requests to BDLIA is January 15.  Those interested in participating should contact BDLIA at 920-356-1200 or via email at [email protected]


Beaver Dam Pepper Festival Tied Into 175th Anniversary


1/2/16 – A successful fall event is being tied to Beaver Dam’s 175th Anniversary celebration in 2016.  The third annual Beaver Dam Pepper Festival will be held in September at the Park Village Shopping Center.  During a recent appearance on WBEV’s Community Comment, Event Organizer Diana Ogle said the foods will include: pepper-apple pie, pepper-apple fritters, and a recipe that incorporates peppers and peaches.  Last year, roughly 3,000 people attended the festival, which pays homage to the pepper that was brought to the United States over 100 years ago by Hungarian immigrants and came to be known in many circles as the Beaver Dam Pepper.


Beaver Dam Officials To Discuss Potential DPW Directors Vacancy


1/2/16 – The city of Beaver Dam may be looking for a new director for their department of public works, depending on the outcome of council action Monday night. The city’s Operations Committee last month approved a staffing change that would move current DPW Director Jeremy Klug into the Utility Department where he would serve as a maintenance/ operator. The specific title of the position Klug currently holds is Director of Facilities which, in addition to public works, also includes oversight of streets, parks and the storm water utility. Mayor Tom Kennedy says that it could take a few months to fill the director’s position. The common council meets at 8pm Monday night in the Municipal Building. Prior to the council meeting, the Operations Committee will discuss a succession plan for the vacant director’s position.


Kennedy Holding Listening Sessions On Tuesday


1/2/16 – Beaver Dam Mayor Tom Kennedy is hosting another round of listening sessions Tuesday.  Kennedy offers city residents a chance to sit down with him in a one-on-one setting, without an appointment, on the first and third Tuesday of every month, which is typically the day after each regular common council meeting. The listening sessions are on the first floor of City Hall, in Room 158, from 10am until noon and again from 5pm to 6pm on Tuesday. Kennedy says private meetings can also be arranged by appointment through the mayor’s office.


Sheriff: Most Wanted Program Results In Substantial Arrests


1/2/16 – A program that was reinstated in 2015 has yielded results for the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office.  During a recent appearance on WBEV’s Community Comment, Sheriff Dale Schmidt said 58 of the 90 names on the department’s ‘most wanted’ list have been apprehended.  Starting in April, the sheriff’s office released a list of ten people with outstanding warrants whom they were hoping to bring to justice that month.  That was in an effort to clean up some of the over 700 outstanding warrants in the county.  Schmidt explains how his department brings them in.  Schmidt says the program will continue in 2016 and encourages anyone with tips to contact his office.  A full ‘most wanted’ list can be found on our website at


Supreme Court In-Fighting Affecting Commission Appointment


1/2/16 – The Wisconsin Supreme Court is in a fight over who to put on the commission that polices judicial misconduct. Two justices are contending the voting process has been chaotic, with Chief Justice Patience Roggensack declining to make the ballots public, at least for now. It is the latest sign of discontent on a court that has been mired in infighting for years. Justice Shirley Abrahamson spelled out the dispute in a recent dissent on a ruling by the court that threw out her proposal over how to make appointments to the Judicial Commission.


Fond du Lac Humane Society Reaches Fundraising Goal


1/2/16 – The Fond du Lac Humane Society recently reached its goal in a fundraising campaign to expand their current animal shelter. Shelter Manager Renee Webb says they had a lofty goal and it took several years to reach it. She says they passed their goal of $600,000 in a campaign that they launched in 2012. She says they hope to break ground in the spring. She says they will build on to their current site tripling their square footage. She says they will go from having 2,600 square feet to close to 8,000 square feet.


MPTC Still Accepting Distinguished Alumnus Nominations


1/2/16 – Moraine Park Technical College continues to accept nominations for its 2016 Distinguished Alumnus Award.  Anyone with a one or two year technical diploma, associate degree, or associate of applied science degree from a Moraine Park program is eligible.  Nominees must also have shown service or support to the school and be distinguished in their career.  Applications can be found on Moraine Park’s website and must be submitted by January 22.


BDACT Announces Singing Star Competitors


1/2/16 – The Beaver Dam Area Community Theatre has announced the contestants for the American Idol-type singing competition they are hosting later this month. The first place winner of Beaver Dam Singing Star will receive $500. The contestants are Kaylin Brandsma of Portage, Anna Marie Davidson of Portage, Zachary Dean of Beaver Dam, Kody DeVries of Waupun, Emily Jackson of Pickett, Brienna Landsness of Beaver Dam, Persephone McDougal of Beaver Dam, Larry Meredith of Horicon, Christina Miller of Beaver Dam, Brittany Neas of North Fond du Lac, Andrea Niederehe of Fond du Lac and Alexandra Steen of Beaver Dam. The Singing Star shows will be similar to American Idol in that it features vocal soloists, however, there are no judges at the performances.  The theatre’s managing director David Saniter says the winner is determined by audience votes accumulated over three days. The Beaver Dam Singing Star will be held January 14-through-the-16 with a snow date scheduled for January 17. The show MC will be Rick Ramirez.