News – January 13th, 2010

Juneau Looking to Fill Positions

1/13/10 – The city of Juneau will be looking to fill a number of positions after two resignations were accepted at last night’s council meeting. Members accepted the formal resignations from deputy treasurer Pam Bunkoske and police officer Jason Erspamer. No reason was given for Erspamer’s resignation, but Bunkoske is expected to take a position with the Horicon School District. The two resignations come after last November’s retirement of Streets Superintendent Wayne Bubolz. Council members are expected to pour over applications in the next few days to find replacements.

Waupun Looking to Decrease Stormwater Pollution

1/13/10 – Officials in Waupun were given the go-ahead to start the grant application process as they attempt to come into compliance with state and federal mandates to reduce stormwater pollution. At their meeting last night City Council members heard that they must reduce their stormwater pollution to 40-percent by 2013. Consultant Jim Bachhuber told the council the city is currently at a 16-percent pollution reduction and he outlined four other steps the city could take to come into compliance. That includes submitting a grant application and design for Claggett Pond. Interim City Administrator Ed Madere says the city can apply for a $150,000 grant that would design a plan to take pollutants out of the water and help pay for that design to be implemented. The council approved the start of the grant application process but any further outlays of money would need further approval from council members.

Columbus Gets Stimulus Money for New Development

1/13/10 – The City of Columbus has been awarded $4.6-million in federal stimulus money.

Mayor Bob Link, Administrator Boyd Kraemer and Economic Development Director Steve Sobiek teamed with Brookstone Homes to propose a development that will bring 24 new town homes to the western edge of the city this year. Sobiek added that construction of the new residential condos would bring 46 new jobs to Columbus. The “Avalon Commons” project will be built on Western Avenue in the area designated for condo development.