News – February 4, 2019

(Juneau) The chairman of the Dodge County Board’s Finance Committee says all options are still being considered when it comes to housing federal inmates for money at the county jail. The county board voted last year to close the old jail, reducing a longtime revenue stream and leading to a half-million-dollar budgetary shortfall for 2018. Chair Dave Frohling says options still on the table include building a new jail pod, renovating the newer potion of the old jail, or doing nothing. Any decisions would not be made until after an operational analysis of the sheriff’s office is complete that, among other things, is looking at revenues from housing federal inmates. There will be a joint meeting of the Finance and Judicial and Public Protection committee’s next month to discuss how to address the shortfall.

(Beaver Dam) Beaver Dam Police Chief John Kreuziger says the addition of a new drug detective several years ago has allowed the agency to be more effective. Kreuziger told us recently on WBEV’s Community Comment that the position allows the department to be more proactive in keeping drugs off the streets. He says they now have one person that is able to accumulate all information related to drug crimes, working hand-in-hand with other detectives and the city’s K-9 unit. Kreuziger also credits their successes to tips and calls received from the community. He says without community help there would have been much fewer search warrants issued in 2018.

(Milwaukee) Milwaukee looking to host the Democratic National Convention in 2020, a decision could come in the next few weeks. According to Politico, Milwaukee appears to be the front runner, ahead of Miami and Houston, even though officials are asking all three cities to move forward with a master contract.   Sources say there are some factors that have Milwaukee as the odds-on favorite.  The new arena with lots of open space and the fact that Democrats need to win Wisconsin were two keys.  The only drawback sources say, is fundraising and hotel space.  A decision by the DNC should be coming in the next two to three weeks.

(Madison) Wisconsin’s SeniorCare program will remain in place through the end of March.  The state Department of Health Services says the 60-day extension approved by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is being done as the state’s 10-year extension request is still under review.  The program allows the state to assist 50-thousand residents who have Medicare Part D cover prescription drug costs.

(Madison) Two voting machine manufacturers are appealing a Wisconsin judge’s ruling that allows former Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein’s experts to comment on their review of the state’s election software.  A review of the machines is part of Stein’s 2016 presidential election results recount, and Electronic Systems and Software and Dominion Voting Systems wants to block auditors from commenting publicly on their findings.

(Fond du Lac) Festival Foods in Fond du Lac was evacuated for several hours Saturday after smoke was seen coming from a refrigerator room.  Everyone inside the supermarket was able to get out safety.  An investigation found a leaking oil caused the smoke, and it wasn’t toxic.  The store reopened after the smoke was removed.

(Beaver Dam) A reminder that nominations are still being accepted through March 8th for the Beaver Dam School District’s 2018 Wall of Fame Awards. Honors are given in two categories: Friends of Education and Outstanding Alumni.  Friends of Education are individuals or organizations who have given distinguished service to the district and its students. Outstanding Alumni are graduates of the high school recognized for exceptional accomplishments, outstanding leadership, historical significance and prominence on the local, state, national or international stage. The most recent Outstanding Alumni was Emmy-award winning journalist and best-selling author Mary Pflum (flum) Peterson. The Wall of Fame Banquet is June 2.