News February 3, 2009

Tension Filled Night in Waupun

2/3/09 – More than 40-years of emotions bubbled to surface last night in Waupun where a Fox Lake area citizen’s group laid out their reasons to the school board why Fox Lake and Alto Elementary should remain open even if a referendum later this month were to fail. One those reasons included the importance of having a school in a small community. The major theme of the night was a perceived divide among Waupun students and those that come in from outside of the city. A number of Fox Lake community members spoke of how they feel like second class citizens when dealing with Waupun. However, board members countered saying the wedge dividing the communities is not being driven by Waupun. Last night was most likely the last meeting to discuss the February 17th primary that will ask voters to pass three questions that includes one that would allow the district to exceed the revenue cap by a total of nearly $5-million over three years to allow the district to continue operating a number of buildings as they currently do. If the referendum were not to pass District Administrator Randy Refsland says his recommendation will be to close Fox Lake and Alto Elementary.

No Prayer at DC Board of Supervisor Meetings

2/3/09 – The Dodge County Board of Supervisors will not be saying a prayer at the beginning of each of their meetings for a while. That’s after District 29 Supervisor Dean Fuller filed a complaint with the Freedom From Religion Foundation about prayers referencing Christianity and Jesus Christ being performed at five meetings over the past year. In a letter addressed to Board Chairman Russ Kottke, the F-F-R-F states that the practice is unconstitutional as it is a violation of the separation of church and state. It goes on to state the prayers led by Supervisor Randy Grebel during an official government meeting, open to the public, demonstrates the County’s preference for Christianity and illegally promotes religion over non-religion. During yesterday’s Executive Committee session a number of supervisors expressed their disagreement with Fullers decision to file the complaint, and Supervisor Dave Frohling says he doesn’t believe Fuller is acting on his constituent’s behalf. Dodge County Administrator Jim Mielke and Corporate Council John Corey will be looking into their options before the next board meeting later this month.