News – February 25, 2022

(Juneau) The Dodge County Board has approved salary increases for the offices of sheriff and clerk of courts. Supervisor Dan Siegmann called next year’s six-percent raise for the sheriff “unreasonable” given his reduced responsibilities following the recent closure of a jail pod. Siegmann acknowledged that he has a hard time separating the position from the person. The board chair warned Siegmann he was “wrong” to be talking about a specific employee outside of closed session. A motion to cut the raise in half failed.

(Juneau) Dodge County has filled a key departmental opening. The Dodge County Board approved the hiring of Suzanne Immel to be the next director of human resources. Former director, Sarah Hinze, stepped down from the position last month to take a job with another public employer. Immel’s starting salary is $54.44 an hour. Her first day on the job was Thursday.

(Madison) State Representative Mark Born Thursday voted in favor of funding a new youth detention facility in Milwaukee. The bill facilitates the closure of the troubled Lincoln Hills Youth Prison that operates in northern Wisconsin. Born says that the State Senate passed the bill earlier this month. The Beaver Dam Republican adds the Assembly approved an amended version which will return to the Senate for a vote before going on to the governor’s desk.

(Horicon) A Horicon man guilty of possessing illicit images of children was sentenced to three years in prison and was placed on extended supervision for three years Thursday. A flash drive found during a search warrant executed at 40-year-old Bryan Hartley’s residence contained illegal images. At sentencing, Assistant District Attorney Yolanda Tienstra said viewing child pornography is a crime done in secret but the damage to its victims is public and ongoing.

(Beaver Dam) A new cardiac care program at the Beaver Dam Fire Department has already saved several lives. The program allows the department’s paramedics to transport patients who are experiencing certain types of cardiac emergencies directly to a catheterization laboratory. There, a catheter is inserted in the coronary arteries to treat heart attacks. In recent weeks, Beaver Dam paramedics diagnosed several heart attacks and transported patients to the hospital in Watertown where blood flow was restored.

(Madison) A Madison man who killed his daughter and attacked his wife will spend the rest of his life in prison. A Dane County judge sentenced 42-year-old Travis Christianson to life in prison without parole for the stabbing death of his daughter in July of 2020. Police say Christianson stabbed his daughter in the bath, and then attacked his wife, after she threatened to end their marriage and then left their house to buy beer so that he would not drive drunk. – WRN