News – February 23, 2022

(Madison) State Representative Mark Born is backing an amendment that would allow higher bail amounts for some criminal defendants. The amendment allows judges to consider the danger a defendant might pose to the public when setting bail – or forgo bail and keep someone in jail. Born says the matter has garnered more bipartisan support following the Waukesha Christmas Parade tragedy. The Beaver Dam Republican adds that faith should be placed with the elected judges to make the right decisions to keep the public safe. The amendment would need to pass another session of the legislature and a statewide vote before going into effect.

(Madison) Two bills from Senator John Jagler have passed the State Assembly. The first legislation requires school districts to collect and report crime data that happens at high schools. The second bill from the Watertown Republican would clean up transfer rules between parental choice programs. Both bills passed the assembly with unanimous votes and now head to the governor’s desk for a signature.

(Waupun) Fond du Lac County authorities and a UPS worker saved a Waupun area resident from losing just over $22-thousand-dollars in a scam. The citizen was conned into sending $22,560 in cash in a package to California. An employee of the UPS store in Fond du Lac had concerns over the parcel and alerted law enforcement. Sheriff Ryan Waldschmidt says let this serve as a reminder that scammers will go to extraordinary lengths to take advantage of the elderly community. The investigation is ongoing.

(Beaver Dam) The Dodge County Health Department is hosting several upcoming vaccine clinics in Beaver Dam. The clinics will be held at Lupita’s Market at 1307 North Center Street on Friday and March 18th between 10am and 4pm. Pfizer vaccine doses are offered for those aged five and up at no cost. The one-and-done Johnson and Johnson vaccine will also be available. No appointments are necessary, but health officials encourage those interested to schedule a time before arriving. Contact information is available at

(Dodge County) Dodge County continues to see improving COVID numbers. The seven-day daily average of new cases per 100-thousand people is at 17.9. The figure finally dropped below 25, the mark health officials classify as the “tipping point,” late last week. It had been above 25 for weeks and had topped out at 302.4 just over a month ago. Dodge County has a shrinking case trajectory of 44-percent, according to the state health department. So far, 52.3-percent of county residents have had at least one dose of the vaccine while 49.8-percent have completed the vaccination series.

(Cottage Grove) A new Amazon facility near Madison is moving ahead. The Cottage Grove village board has approved the plans for a new three-point-four million-square foot distribution center. Some neighbors don’t like the idea of such a large warehouse so close to home. Cottage Grove says the project could be worth as much as $200-million-dollars and create 15-hundred new jobs. – WRN