News – February 10th, 2010

Snow Storm Moves Out of the Midwest

2/10/10 – It was still snowing overnight in southern Wisconsin, where over a foot fell close to Lake Michigan. We didn’t get nearly that much in our area. The National Weather Service is reporting Beaver Dam had 6.1-inches while Berlin at 4.1. Fond du Lac received 7-inches while West Bend checked in with 10-inches. Meanwhile, the storm caused dozens of road crashes. Dodge County authorities are reporting a number of accidents, runoffs and stranded vehicles throughout the day yesterday but none were considered serious. In Germantown, a police officer was sent to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries when a semi-truck hit a four-wheel drive police vehicle. And a second squad car was hit by another vehicle while responding to the first crash. Forecasters say the last of the snow will move out of southern Wisconsin by noon but the winds will pick up.

Earthquake Hits Northern Illinois

2/10/10 – Folks in southern Wisconsin felt a small earthquake about four o’clock this morning. It was centered near Virgil Illinois, about 50 miles west of Chicago, with a magnitude of four-point-three. Sharon Holmes of Salem in Kenosha County said her T-V went black and her cupboards shook. Another person told a Milwaukee T-V station she felt her floor move – and she thought it might have been a snow-plow dropping a blade. Sheriff’s deputies in Kane County Illinois said they got dozens of complaints – but there were no reports of injuries or major damage. Folks near the epicenter said they were shaken out of bed – and they found tools and books scattered across their floors. Sheriff’s Lieutenant Pat Gengler said business and home alarms were also triggered – but deputies were not called for assistance.