News – December 20, 2016

Beaver Dam Ordinance Changes Could Alter Business


12/20/16 – Local law enforcement has suggested another way to crack down on theft.  The Beaver Dam Police Department worked with elected officials to change the way pawn brokers and secondhand retailers receive items.  Within 24 hours of a purchase, the buyer would need to upload information about that purchase to a website widely used by law enforcement called ‘LeadsOnline.’  The proposal was discussed by the city’s administrative committee last night.  Committee Chair Don Neuert believes these changes would help protect both vendors and their customers as they are able to run checks to ensure the items involved in a potential transaction are not goods that have been reported as stolen.  Police Chief John Kreuziger says there is no cost for vendors to use the system and notes this site is useful in tracking down missing items so they can be returned to their rightful owner.  Neuert calls the ordinance ‘proactive’ as it is more so guarding against a potential problem than responding to an existing issue.  Under the proposed changes, the buyer must report any inability to record the transaction due to technical problems within 12 hours.  Backup options include submitting the information to the police department via telephone or written communication.  Citations can be issued if a buyer fails to comply.  A first reading of the ordinance was held at last night’s common council meeting with a vote set for January 16.


Woman Charged In Dodge County Accident


12/20/16 – An Oshkosh woman is accused of driving illegally when she injured multiple people in a Dodge County accident.  Amy Galica is charged with felony counts of Using a Vehicle with a Controlled Substance Causing Great Bodily Harm and Operating with a Detectable Amount of Restricted Controlled Substance Causing Injury, with a Minor in the Vehicle.  In July 2015, the 34-year-old was involved in a two-vehicle accident on Highway 151 in the Town of Calamus.  Galica was heading north when her vehicle went into a counter clockwise spin and went through the median into the southbound lane, where it collided with another vehicle.  Galica’s vehicle was split apart, and her three-and-a-half year old child was ejected while in its car seat.  All three people were taken to the hospital as a result, including the driver of the other vehicle who had multiple surgeries tied to injuries sustained in the crash.  Prior to the accident, officers received a call stating Galica was all over the road.  She reportedly admitted to falling asleep before the crash, and officers found a number of pill bottles prescribed to Galica in the vehicle.  Galica refused to provide a blood sample, but officers subpoenaed her hospital sample, which reportedly tested positive for a restricted substance.  If she is convicted on both counts, Galica faces over 14 years in prison.  Her initial appearance is set for January 17.


Green Lake County Authorities Looking For Robber


12/20/16 – The Green Lake County Sheriff’s Office is looking for the person or people behind a summer theft.  Sometime between June and August, Chief Deputy Mark Putzke says items were stolen from a house on Lakeview Drive West in the Town of Marquette.  Missing items include a purple BMX bike and a variety of tools including saws, wrenches, and ratchets.  Many of the tools are painted with either green automotive paint or have red or yellow spray-paint on the handles.  Anyone with information about the crime should contact the Green Lake County Crime Stoppers by calling 1-800-438-8436, by texting GETTHEM at 847411, or by emailing [email protected]  A cash reward of up to $1000 could be given to anyone who provides information leading to an arrest or recovery of the missing items.


WCI Employee Accused Of Supplying Drugs


12/20/16 – A Waupun Correctional Institution food service employee is accused of providing inmates with drugs.  Crystal Sosinski of Oshkosh is facing felony counts of Delivering Illegal Articles to Inmates and Possession with Intent to Deliver THC.  In October, the 33-year-old reportedly threw a glove containing a bag of marijuana into a cafeteria garbage can.  Soon after, an inmate started digging through the trash can.  Multiple inmates were locked up around that time after testing positive for marijuana.  Officers took a DNA sample from Sosinski, which a crime lab said was consistent with that found on the glove.  If she is convicted on both counts, Sosinski faces up to seven years in prison.  Her initial appearance is set for January 17.


Beaver Dam Man Accused Of Stealing Neighbors Truck


12/20/16 – A Beaver Dam man is accused of stealing his neighbor’s truck and crashing it. Caleb Haney is charged with felony Operating A Motor Vehicle Without the Owners Consent and three counts of felony Bail Jumping along with second offense Operating While Intoxicated. A Beaver Dam man reported his pick-up was stolen Saturday night. A short time later, a vehicle matching the description of the stolen truck had run off the roadway near Wal-Mart. The suspect was arrested at gunpoint after not cooperating with officer commands to make his hands visible. The 22-year-old was also said to disoriented, later answering questions in a confusing way. At one point, Hagy overheard a paramedic ask an officer if he even knew he stole a vehicle to which Hagy stated without being asked (quote) “yeah I know I stole it.” He had no alcohol in his system but admitted to smoking marijuana and a blood sample was taken. If convicted, each felony count carries a maximum six-year prison sentence but because Hagy would be considered a repeat offender, an additional two years could be added to each count. A signature bond was set at $10-thousand dollars yesterday and a preliminary hearing is scheduled next month.


State Patrol Squad Struck At County Line


12/20/16 – The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office is investigating an accident in which a 23-year-old Fond du Lac man ran into a State Patrol squad car that was stopped for an accident on I-41 near the Dodge/Fond du Lac County line. It happened last Friday night as snow was falling and roads were snow-covered and slippery. Neither the trooper, who was in the squad car when it was hit, nor the Fond du Lac man were hurt in the accident. The squad’s emergency lights were flashing when it was struck.


Injured Snowmobilers Identified


12/20/16 – The Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s office has released the names of those involved in a snowmobile accident in the Town of Ashford early Sunday morning. Twenty-one-year-old Samantha Kraus of Allenton was hurt when she was ejected from her machine in the area of County Highway W and St. Killian Drive. Thirty-eight-year-old Torre Zweifel of Campbellsport was trailing Kraus and was unable to avoid her and struck her as she was laying on the trail. Kraus was taken to St. Agnes Hospital in Fond du Lac with non-life threatening injuries.


Child Rescued From Locked Vehicle In Freezing Temps


12/20/16 – Authorities were able to successfully rescue a one-year-old from a locked car as below zero temperatures stifled the area Sunday morning. Beaver Dam Police Chief John Kreuziger says his officers responded to a request from the county for mutual assistance in the Town of Beaver Dam around 10:30am. A 24-year-old mother had called dispatch to report that she was warming up her car with the toddler inside when the engine shut-off and the doors locked. Lt. Brandon Stommel had experience with such situations and responded with lock-out tools. After about ten minutes, he was able to open the lock and reunite mother and child. There were a few tears shed but otherwise the child is fine. The chief says it was a simple mistake and no tickets were issued. Kreuziger notes that the police department is not a locksmith and officers only open doors in emergency situations. Kreuziger says his department has an awards committee that recognizes officers for their efforts and Lt. Stommel’s name will be forwarded to the committee.


Beaver Dam World War 2 Documentary Screening Tonight


12/20/16 – Back by popular demand: a documentary detailing the role Beaver Dam played in World War Two will be shown again tonight. Local historian Roger Noll has spent months researching the topic after reading every single edition of the local paper from 1941 through 1945. The documentary will be screened at the Beaver Dam Community Library at 6pm tonight.  Copies of the documentary will also be available for $15.


Wisconsin Electoral College Supports Trump


12/20/16 – All ten Wisconsin Electoral College members cast their votes yesterday (Monday) for Republican Donald Trump, while dozens of protestors stood outside the State Capitol in the cold and told the G-O-P activists to “vote their conscience.” Protesters yelled “You’re selling us to Russia,” “No Putin president.” State G-O-P chairman Brad Courtney ran the meeting, and announced their ten votes for Trump as required by state law after Trump won the Wisconsin popular vote by almost 23-thousand on November 8th. The Electoral College vote is normally a non-event, but it became a big deal during the recent national attempt by Trump opponents to get 37 electors to change their votes.


AG Refocusing Efforts On Lincoln Hills


12/20/16 – Wisconsin’s attorney general now says he’ll consider reopening the state’s investigation into alleged youth inmate abuses at Lincoln Hills. Brad Schimel told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel last week he had no idea about the progress of two federal probes at the troubled facility near Irma in Lincoln County — and he was surprised but not upset when he was told the F-B-I had not visited Lincoln Hills for almost all of 2016. Schimel now says his agency had evidence from its former probe that could lead to “enforcement actions,” but his spokesman Johnny Koremenos says the state is making “no commitments” for now. State and federal investigators have spent the last two years looking into numerous allegations at Lincoln Hills — including inmate abuse, sexual assault, strangulation, intimidation of witnesses, and tampering with public records. The state dropped its probe earlier this year after the federal government moved forward with investigations into both abusive activity and civil rights violations.