“News – August 6, 2009”

Cambria Officials to Discuss Options for Law Enforcement


8/6/09 – Officials in the Village of Cambria will begin discussing their options for law enforcement at a special meeting tonight. The village board on Monday voted to dissolve the police department, a move that affected three part-time police officers and Chief Rick Nelson, who cleaned out his desk Tuesday.  In a press release announcing the meeting, officials said a village wide survey indicated a strong public opinion that changes needed to be made in the department.  It also said that this is the best time to make a change because the state mandates that spending for police departments be maintained based on 2009 levels. The board will begin exploring their available options at tomorrow’s meeting, which will be held at 6:30pm in the Cambria Community Room at 115 West Edgewater Street. All 9-1-1 emergency calls originating from Cambria are being handled by the Columbia County Sheriffs Department.


Developer Sentenced to 1 Year in Jail


8/6/09 – The developer of the Eagle View subdivision in Beaver Dam was sentenced to one year in jail Wednesday on charges of Theft by Contractor. Karen M. Behnke-Knoblauch failed to pay a contractor $189,000 for work that was completed in 2007.  The 53-year-old Pewaukee woman used a business loan from Equitable Bank for personal expenses.  Nearly $100,000 was converted to cash while the remaining money was spent at two Milwaukee-area department stores.  In addition to jail time, Behnke-Knoblauch was placed on probation for five years. A restitution hearing is scheduled for August 20. The Eagle View subdivision is on the south side of Beaver Dam.  There has been no home construction there as of yet.


Doud Ordered to Pay $15,000 for High Speed Chase


8/6/09 – A teenager, who escaped from a facility for at-risk juveniles and later led authorities in Dodge County on a high speed chase in a stolen vehicle, has been ordered to pay over $15,000 in restitution.  Timothy Doud of Jefferson was placed on probation last month after pleading “no contest” to a felony charge of Fleeing an Officer; two misdemeanors dismissed but read into the record. The 17-year-old and another teen left the Rawhide Boys Ranch in New London to visit friends in Jefferson County when Horicon Police officers attempted to stop their vehicle. The chase began in Horicon and ended in the Waupun High School parking lot and at times reached over 100mph.  During the pursuit, Doud managed to avoid road-spikes and later entered the ditch and rammed a Horicon squad car while getting out. In total, three squad cars were damaged; two from Horicon and one from the sheriff’s department.


Livingston Enters Not Guilty Plea


8/6/09 – One of the three Beaver Dam men suspected in a pair of mailbox and outhouse explosions was in court for an arraignment hearing yesterday. 20-year-old Kyle Livingston entered a “not guilty” plea to two felony charges of Possessing Explosives For Unlawful Purposes. Livingston, along with 19-year-old Stephen Peterson and 20-year-old Michael K. Peters, were identified with the use of in-store video surveillance after allegedly purchasing the explosive components at a Beaver Dam retailer. One of the suspects also returned to the scene of the crime to survey the damage. The men are accused of blowing up a mailbox in Burnett and a port-a-potty at Lost Lake Park in April. Investigators say they used a pipe bomb and, in the case of the porta-potty, also used liquefied gas. Livingston and Peters face up to 25 years in prison while Peterson, the purported ringleader, faces a total of 105 years in prison, if convicted.  Peters and Peterson have preliminary hearings scheduled later this month.


More Vehicle Break-In’s in Beaver Dam


8/6/09 – Five more vehicle thefts were reported in Beaver Dam Wednesday.  Three of the thefts occurred in unlocked vehicles which were located outside residences on Lakecrest, Lincoln, and Jefferson streets.  The other two involved locked cars at J&D Auto on North Center and Bernie’s Car Care on South Spring Street.  Windows were broken in those cases to gain entry.  The perpetrators got away with car stereos, GPS units, an iPod and a TV.  Anyone with information is asked to contact the Beaver Dam Police Department or the anonymous We-Tip Hotline at 800-78-CRIME.


Foreclosures Soar in July


8/6/09 – New foreclosure cases in Wisconsin have reached an apparent record for a single month.  The Madison tracking firm of Foreclosure-Alarm-Dot-Com said 27-hundred-29 new cases were filed in July against those behind on their mortgages.  That’s 52-percent more than the previous July.  And it surpassed the firm’s previous record listing of 27-hundred-six new foreclosure cases which were filed last November.  It was the same case in our area where foreclosures in our area skyrocketed in July.  Foreclosure Alarm said in Dodge County foreclosures jumped 35% to 50 in July.  Other counties saw bigger increases.  Columbia County jumped 52% from 23 foreclosures in June to 35 in July, while Fond du Lac County went up 68% as they saw 42 foreclosures filed in July.  A smaller increase was seen in Washington County where they went from 45 foreclosures in June to 49 in July.  The only decrease was in Jefferson County which dropped from 36 foreclosures in June to 35 in July.


Benson Attorney Asks for 10 to 20 Year Prison Term


8/6/09 – The attorney for former surgeon Mark Benson has asked a judge for a 10-to-20-year prison sentence in a car crash that killed Oconomowoc educator Jennifer Bukosky and two of her children.  The 56-year-old Benson will be sentenced Monday in Waukesha County.  And in a letter to Judge Mac Davis, Benson took full responsibility for the April 2008 crash.  It happened just days before he was supposed to report to jail for his third drunk driving conviction.  In his letter, Benson said he was calling a pharmacy to see if a prescription was ready when the crash occurred.  He said he was scheduled to have an M-R-I that day for severe back pain and a weak leg – and he had taken a couple medications just before the accident.  Benson could get up to 53 years in prison.  And Bukosky’s husband Michael plans to ask Judge Davis for the maximum.  He said Benson needs to die in prison, and he calls Benson’s letter a self-serving effort to get a lighter term.  Defense lawyer Dean Strang says Benson deserves a chance to rejoin society before he dies – and he gave up a decent defense to avoid the anguish of a trial for the victims’ families and his own.


FDL Man Arrested on Domestic Abuse Charges


8/6/09 – The eastern Wisconsin man who was allegedly tied up by his wife and three women with whom he had affairs has been arrested himself. Fond du Lac Police say the 36-year-old man was taken into custody yesterday on possible charges of theft, child abuse, unlawful telephone use, and making a death threat as part of a domestic abuse investigation. Details of those incidents have not been released. Criminal charges are pending. Last week, the four women were charged in Calumet County with false imprisonment. And one of them was charged with fourth-degree sexual assault after she allegedly lured the man to a motel room in Stockbridge, and glued a part of his anatomy to his stomach while the others looked on. The story has attracted worldwide headlines, and has been the butt of jokes on national T-V talk shows. One of the women told a reporter the story has been twisted, and she feels horrible about what happened.


Judge Will Allow Neumann’s a Month in California


8/6/09 – A judge is letting a Wausau area couple visit relatives in California, before they’re sentenced in October in the death of their 11-year-old daughter.  Dale and Leilani Neumann of Weston were each convicted of reckless homicide for praying, instead of getting medical help for Kara Neumann’s diabetes.  Yesterday, Marathon County Circuit Judge Vincent Howard changed the conditions of the Neumanns’ bonds, so they can make a month-long visit to California.  They’ll visit relatives, including Leilani Neumann’s ailing grand-mother.  Both are free on signature bonds after Dale Neumann was convicted last weekend, and Leilani was convicted in May.  Both will be sentenced together on October sixth – and they face up to 25 years in prison.


Powerball Up to $161M


8/6/09 – Nobody won the Powerball jackpot last night, so it goes up to 161-million dollars for the next drawing on Saturday.  The current jackpot has been building since July first.  Saturday’s cash option is 80-million dollars, which goes to a single winner who takes the whole prize now instead of in 30 annual installments.