“News – August 23, 2009”

Edwards Connection To Foster Son Murder Investigated


8/23/09 – The man charged with killing two high school sweet-hearts in Jefferson County in 1980 may also be a suspect in the murder of his foster son.  Edward Edwards is accused of killing Tim Hack and Kelly Drew back in 1980.  Authorities said Edwards was a maintenance man at the restaurant in Sullivan where Hack and Drew, both 19, vanished after leaving a wedding reception.  Their decomposed bodies were found by hunters two months later.  Now law enforcement in Ohio want to question the 76-year-old about the murder of Danny Edwards 13 years ago. The 24-year-old was found in a shallow grave about a mile from his home one year after he was reported missing. He had been shot in the head. At the time of his disappearance, Danny Edwards had been living outside Cleveland with Edwards Edward’s and Edward’s wife. Danny considered Edwards enough of a father figure that he took his last name. A few months after that, Danny went missing.  At the time of the disappearance, Edwards was considered a person of interest. Jefferson County detectives, meanwhile, have been getting calls from around the country with questions about unsolved murders. Edwards reportedly broke out of jails twice before in connection with previous crimes.  He was arrested for the Jefferson County murders last month, after authorities linked D-N-A evidence to him.  Edwards’ next court appearance is on Thursday, when a judge will decide if there’s enough evidence to put him on trial.


Final Day of the Dodge County Fair


8/23/09 – The Dodge County Fair wraps up today with demolition derby’s in the grandstands.  The Dairy Youth recognition auction also caps off the final day of activities, along with the “Little Britches” Showmanship Contest in the Farm Progress Arena and the “Little Shepherds” Showmanship Contest in the Sheep Barn.  On the Radio Park stage today there is karaoke, family games and the 4-H Clothing Style Show.


Business Down in Dells For Second Straight Year


8/23/09 – Business may be down in Wisconsin Dells this summer, but that’s okay for many business owners.  Tom Diehl of the Tommy Bartlett Show says you can’t compare it to last year when Lake Delton was dry and it was a catastrophe for business.  Compared to 2007, Diehl says his profits are down by about six to seven percent.  Still, he says it’s not that bad when you consider the current economic situation.  A colder than normal July also hurt some of the outdoor water parks, but indoor attractions still did well.  Diehl says there’s still some summer left, and he’s hopeful it will bring more people to the Dells.


Guns From Lake Delton Untraceable


8/23/09 – John Dillinger and his gang were active in Wisconsin in the 1930s.  That’s why, when four guns were found at the bottom of Lake Delton, some thought there could be a connection.  The revolvers are thought to be at least 50 years old because their serial numbers have so few digits.  The guns were found when flooding caused the lake to drain last summer.  Those firearms were sent to the state crime lab in Madison for analysis, but there simply wasn’t much to go on.  Investigators say we may never know where they came from, who they belonged to, and why they were dumped in that lake.


Alcohol Compliance Low In Milwaukee


8/23/09 – A spot check by Milwaukee police finds it’s not all that tough for an underage person in Wisconsin’s biggest city to buy some alcohol.  Police sent an underage person into 47 liquor stores — and 20 times they were able to buy alcohol without producing identification.  Police say they ran the checks as a response to complaints from residents and aldermen.  The businesses were ticketed for selling booze to minors, but they may have more troubles to come.  Reports are going to be filed for consideration when the liquor licenses at those stores are up for review. A recent alcohol compliance check in Beaver Dam resulted in warnings to half of the city’s 16 licensed taverns.  City officials are discussing in committee if those bars will be assigned demerit points under a recently adopted ordinance.


Vacation Scammer Nabbed in Wisconsin


8/23/09 – Federal prosecutors say Edwin Negrin ripped off would-be vacationers in several states.  The 47 year old suspect is being held in Wisconsin on state charges, but the fraud indictment was handed down by a federal grand jury.  Negrin is accused of renting high-end beach properties in North Carolina for two to four thousand dollars a week.  One problem — he didn’t own those properties.  In some cases he rented to several tenants at the same time.  Negrin faces 40 federal felony charges.  He’s accused of taking more than 60 people for more than 200 thousand dollars.


Sheboygan Woman Charged With Assaulting Niece


8/23/09 – Prosecutors say a 44 year old woman from Sheboygan Falls slammed her teenage niece’s head into a wall so many times the girl passed.  Verna Michalski faces felony charges in the attack.  She reportedly was mad at the 17 year old girl because she had asked her to help clean the house and the girl said she would — after she returned from a job interview.  If she’s convicted, Michalski could spend four years in jail.  The victim says she’s not sure how many times her head hit the wall.  The girl’s mother called police after she went home.


Cash For Clunkers Coming To An End


8/23/09 – Though the “Cash for Clunkers” program officially runs through Monday, many Wisconsin dealerships wrapped things up yesterday.  They will take today to complete all the paperwork and send it to Washington.  Then they will wait for their money.  One Wisconsin dealership reports it has done about 250 sales under the program since it started.  The same dealership says only 17 of those clunker deals have received federal approval — and Washington hasn’t sent any of the money it promised.  Other dealers say it takes the federal web site 45 minutes to completely process an application.  That’s a best-case scenario.  The web site has frozen several times in the last week.


Democratic Lawmaker Blasts A-G Over Domestic Partnerships


8/23/09 – One Wisconsin lawmaker says the attorney general is choosing to be the top politician in Wisconsin rather than the top lawyer.  Democrat Mark Pocan was commenting on the decision not to defend the state against a challenge to domestic partner registries.  They became law as a part of the state budget even though voters approved a ban on gay marriage three years ago.  Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen says he took an oath to uphold the Wisconsin Constitution.  He says he’s doing that, but Pocan says Van Hollen is pandering to his Republican political base.  The Wisconsin Supreme Court hasn’t decided whether it will hear legal challenges to the registries or not.


Cost Sharing Plan Slow To Start


8/23/09 – It seemed like such a good idea — neighboring states working together to hold costs down, to find efficiencies and save a little money.  It’s been nearly five months since the governors of Wisconsin and Minnesota announced the sharing plan.  It doesn’t seem to be working.  Governors Jim Doyle and Tim Pawlenty estimated savings of up to 10 million dollars for each state.  Effective last week, Wisconsin puts its savings at about 74 thousand dollars.  Minnesota has saved a little less than 27 thousand.  Neither side is giving up.  Spokespersons for both governors say the idea is just getting started.  But, many of the ambitious plans have been abandoned or put on hold.