News August 22, 2011

Injured High Speed Chase Suspect In Trouble Before

8/22/11 – The Markesan man who reportedly ran from authorities in two counties Friday night before crashing his motorcycle has been busted for running from police before. That’s according Dodge County Sheriff Todd Nehls who says the 28-year-old was convicted of eluded his deputies in May of 2010. The first chase started in Columbus around 10:30pm but was called off because of county fair traffic and Highway 151 construction. Dodge County deputies attempted a traffic stop a short time later but the suspect sped away toward Highway J then crashed at a T-intersection near Highway 16/60. The man operating the machine was ejected but immediately sprang to his feet and began talking with the deputy before going into convulsions. He was flown from the scene to UW Hospital Madison. Nehls says he is facing felony charges in both pursuits.

Numerous Accidents on Saturday

8/22/11 – There were at least four accidents on Saturday that resulted in injuries. Authorities say around 10:15 a-m a 20-year-old man fell asleep while driving on Highway 175 in the town of Theresa, and ran off the road. He was cited for failure to report the accident and inattentive driving. Later, at least two people were taken to the hospital when they were involved in a crash on Highway 33 near Sunset Bay in the town of Trenton. Just before midnight, a man was cited for OWI Causing Injury after rolling his vehicle on County Trunk F-W in the town of Westford. Authorities responded to another rollover accident early yesterday morning on County Trunk H-H in the town of Lomira. The vehicle was unoccupied but deputies made contact with the registered owner at his home and he was arrested for OWI First Offense and later released. None of the injuries were considered to be life threatening.

Tornado Cleanup Continues

8/22/11 – The clean-up continues in Marinette County, where an E-F-One tornado killed a man near Wausaukee late Friday. Governor Scott Walker toured the area yesterday, and emergency officials say they’ll know within a week whether the damage was enough to qualify for state disaster aid. The storm damaged several homes and other structures. The Wisconsin Public Service utility said only a couple of electric customers in the Wausaukee area were still without power this morning. Around two-thousand customers lost their electricity at the height of the storm – which packed winds of 105-miles-an-hour. The National Weather Service said the tornado was on the ground for over seven miles from Long Lake across the north edge of Wausaukee. 43-year-old Douglas Brem was killed while working inside a mobile home north of Wausaukee. But no other injuries were reported, despite the fact the storm came so quickly, it gave residents little-or-no time to prepare. Sirens in Wausaukee did not sound before the tornado hit.

Columbus Listening Session On Tuesday

8/22/11 – The Mayor and Police Chief will be joining Columbus Council members in a public listening session at 6:30 Tuesday evening. With major projects such as the Safe Routes to School and wastewater regionalization underway the special citizen comments meeting was scheduled. Council Members have been pleased in having the results of the 2009 W S L survey to help them in making budget decisions. They are hoping that additional public input from the Community Center listening session will help them set priorities for the 2012 budget.

2011 Dodge County Fair a Wrap

8/22/11 – The annual demo derby yesterday capped what organizers are calling a very successful Dodge County Fair. Officials said the weather was great for most of the five day event, with only rain showers on Wednesday and Saturday mornings putting a damper on things. Authorities say there weren’t many disruptive incidents. They say a couple of steers got loose and injured a child, and then a horse got loose on Saturday and damaged a vehicle. Final attendance figures

are expected to be announced sometime today, but there were sizable crowds each day, and Thursday saw near record attendance.

Watertown Couple Arrested On Ferris Wheel For Counterfeiting

8/22/11 – A Watertown couple was arrested at the Dodge County Fair on Friday night. Sheriff’s officials say the couple was with their two young children and decided to pass around counterfeit $20 bills at the fair. Carnival employees were able to provide a physical description, and deputies arrested the two on the Ferris wheel. The father of the children was said to be cooperative and admitted to manufacturing the funny money at his residence, which was searched by police that night. The couple was taken to the Dodge County Detention Facility and booked on felony charges of Passing Forged US Currency. The mother was released on her own recognizance to care for the children. The Secret Service will be notified today (Monday). The quality of the currency was said to be (quote) “terrible.”

Protests Mark Cream Puff Contest

8/22/11 – Protests marked an otherwise protest-filled Celebrity Cream Puff Eating Contest on Friday at the Dodge County Fair and “Recall Fitzgerald” signs were just the beginning. It all started when Former Green Bay Packer Dave Robinson challenged K9 Deputy Chad Enright’s 58-second hands-free finish. Robinson questioned the judges ruling pointing out that his plate was licked clean while Deputy Enright still had plenty left. When host Uncle Bill “Puff Daddy” McCollum questioned the red flag, the Pro Bowl MVP quoted the subject of his newest book “Lombardi’s Legacy” in saying “winning is the only thing.” Robinson was not alone in his protest and found support from fellow contestant and Assembly Majority Leader Jeff Fitzgerald of Horicon who said (quote)”I think there should have been a protest.” State Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald of Juneau agreed saying rumors are already flying that they are (quote) “going to recall the deputy on the cream puff” finish. Enright took possession of the Excellence in Pastry Consumption trophy right after that evening’s swearing-in of his new K9 partners Paige and Humane Society-rescue Ziva, who contrary to previous reports is not pregnant and is not descended from the Dali Llama. Robinson said he will be coming back next year for a one-on-one showdown with Deputy Enright.

Meanwhile, another protest, just minutes later this time from Beaver Dam Area Community Theater Board of Director’s Chair Dr. Jay Wilkins who competed against local film stars and musicians with a “Recall Warmbold” bumper sticker clearly displayed on his shirt. But Wilkins was not alone in his protests as Managing Theater Director David Saniter defended the integrity of WBEV-WXRO News Director Craig Warmbold with his own “Re-Elect Warmbold” bumper sticker. Local actor Rick Ramirez was caught in the middle, finishing at the exact same time as “Recall Warmbold” protest contestant Wilkins. Ramirez protested the photo finish that left Wilkins the winner but a food fight ensued that left all three covered in cream puff. Aside from that, Circuit Court and Cream Puff Judge Daniel Klossner remarked to us following the contest that he was glad to see the recall protests were respectful and allowed for an expression of free speech without disrupting fellow fairgoers pleasant evening at the county fair.

In other news from the contest: 2010 Fairest of the Fair Danielle Hammer emerged from a panel of five-years worth of Fairests with the Sweetest of the Fair Trophy while County Board Supervisor Jeff Schmidt claimed the Fastest of the Fair Trophy from Sheriff Todd Nehls. Emergency Management Director Joe Meagher was also a winner against his fellow county officials, including County Administrator James Mielke, who has not yet answered to rumors that Meagher’s budget was cut in half following the victory.

LWV Believes Photo ID Voting Law Unconstitutional

8/22/11 – The League of Women Voters says Wisconsin’s new photo I-D requirement at the polls violates the state Constitution – and the group plans a lawsuit to strike it down. The League’s

attorney, Lester Pines, says the Constitution guarantees the right to vote to all Wisconsin residents over 18 with specific exceptions – and the lack of a photo I-D is not one of them. But Marquette law professor Rick Esenberg does not believe the argument will be enough to throw out the I-D mandate. He tells the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that voters can be required to prove their residency under the Constitution. And Esenberg believes the photo I-D law legally falls under the proof-of-residency provision. But Pines says the law denies voting rights to citizens who don’t have birth certificates for some reason – and it’s hard for those people to get I-D’s. Senate Elections Committee chair Mary said the League did not bring up its objections before the law was passed in May. And she said lawmakers took great pains to make sure the photo I-D requirement follows both the state-and-federal constitutions. Pines says the League’s new lawsuit will be filed in Dane County Circuit Court. Esenberg says it’s a sign that opponents no longer believe they’ll win a challenge to the new law in federal court.