News – April 7, 2016

State Traffic Deaths Down In March, Up For The Year


4/7/16 – Wisconsin had fewer traffic deaths in March than the same time last year, but the toll remains higher for the first three months of 2016. Preliminary D-O-T figures show that 33 people were killed in state crashes last month, seven fewer than last March. Wisconsin had a couple of major snowstorms in March, and gas prices rose above two-dollars per gallon for the first time in months. For the year as a whole, 116 people died in Badger State highway crashes from January-through-March — 16 more than in 2015. Dodge County had one traffic fatality that occurred in March. Columbia County has had seven motor vehicle deaths, the third most in the state behind Milwaukee and Dane counties. Washington County has had six deaths in the first quarter of 2016. Jefferson and Fond du Lac counties have had one a piece. Eleven pedestrians have been killed statewide this year along with three bicyclists and two on motorcycles.


Fall River Foundry Expansion To Bring 50 New Jobs


4/7/16 – The Fall River Foundry is planning to build a brand-new, 56-thousand square-foot addition to its current manufacturing facility. The new building will consolidate the Foundry’s machining division in Milwaukee with its manufacturing plant in Fall River. The building is planned for the northwestern corner of the current facility. CEO Brennen Weigel says that the building will be primarily used for machining operations but there are also plans for offices. The consolidation is expected to bring 50 new jobs to the village. Weigel says the Foundry addition will help them keep competitive with their line of manufactured products. Construction plans for the Fall River Foundry addition could be completed by the end of the year if approved by the village board.


Waupun Area, Mayville Write-Ins Identified


4/7/16 – We’re learning more about ballot vacancies that are being decided by write-in candidates in the Waupun area. No names were on the ballot for the Waupun-area’s District 27 seat on the Dodge County Board vacated by Clem Hoelzel last year.  Michael Malloy’s two votes were the most any write-in received.  Dodge County Clerk Karen Gibson says she reached out to Malloy and he is interested in the position. On the Waupun School Board, there was a vacancy in the seat representing the Towns of Burnett, Chester, Oakfield, Springvale, and Waupun. School officials say Milan Vande Zande secured the seat pending canvassing after received 49 write-in votes.  In the City of Mayville, registered write-in Kim Olson won the Ward Six Aldermanic Seat previously held by Joe Hohmann.


Cruz, Sanders Delegates Divvied Up


4/7/16 – Both Republican Ted Cruz and Democrat Bernie Sanders won their Wisconsin primaries by about 14-percent on Tuesday. However, Cruz will get all but six of the state’s 42 delegates at the G-O-P convention this summer — while Sanders and Hillary Clinton could each get half the 96 Democratic delegates. Chalk that up to the differences in which each party assigns its commitments. On the Republican side, Cruz won 18 delegates for being the statewide winner — and he gets 18 more for carrying six-of-the-eight U-S House districts, with Donald Trump getting six for carrying Districts-Three-and-Seven. For the Democrats, Sanders earned 48 delegates and Clinton 38 on Tuesday, under a weighted system that awards more delegates to the party’s best-performing House districts — and there are ten state party leaders who are “super-delegates” who can vote as they choose.


Grothman Defends Voter ID Comments


4/7/16 – G-O-P Congressman Glenn Grothman is getting a lot of heat from Democrats, after he said Wisconsin’s voter I-D law would help the state choose a Republican for president. The Campbellsport lawmaker told a Milwaukee T-V reporter that a weak Democrat would help the state carry a Republican for the first time since Ronald Reagan won his second term in 1984. And Grothman said the voter I-D law, which he helped pass as a state senator, would make “a bit of a difference.” Democrats jumped on the claim, saying it shows Republicans rig elections to win. Grothman stood by his comment yesterday (Wednesday) and said the I-D law results in less voter fraud and clean elections — which he calls “good for Republicans.”


BDHS Senior Thanks WBEV Listeners For Donations


4/7/16 – A Beaver Dam High School Senior is thanking the community for an outpouring of support for a charity he started last year. Tyler Mahnke joined us this week on WBEV’s Community Comment to talk about his “Christmas For Kids” fundraiser. He raised $6000 through donation jars, passing the bucket at half-time of high school sporting events and from listeners of Community Comment.  Mahnke, who is captain of the Beaver Dam boys’ basketball and football teams, tabbed his fellow teammates to help him purchase thousands of dollars in toys from area retailers. On the day before Christmas Eve, he delivered the toys to UW Madison Children’s Hospital. Mahnke says he was not prepared for how much the families appreciated the presents, calling the experience “astounding.” He says the kids were “great, they got the best little hearts, full-of-energy, fighters 24-7.” Additional donations were made directly to children battling a wide variety of illnesses. Mahnke is going to college next year at West Illinois University and he is hoping next year’s senior class will carry on the charity he started. He plans on tapping the resources of his new college community in Macomb, Illinois to help contribute to his hometown effort.


Beaver Dam Chamber Partners With Google For Business Service


4/7/16 – Beaver Dam businesses have a way to further promote themselves online.  The Beaver Dam Chamber of Commerce has partnered with Google Maps Street View to bring their indoor offering to the city.   Google Street View Indoors is a pay service that posts interior pictures of businesses online on Google Maps and Google searches.  Exterior street-view pictures of all businesses are already featured free of cost.  Beaver Dam Chamber of Commerce President Phil Fristche says most Wisconsin businesses do not have interior pictures online since the statewide chamber just partnered with Google Maps last month.  Fritsche says a business can pay $200 for three complete room views, which is half the cost of going directly to Google Maps.  Each additional room is an extra $60.  Fritsche says the offer is only open to chamber members.  Businesses can join by calling the chamber’s office at 920-887-8879.  Emails were sent out to member businesses this week, and people can sign-up for the program by following a link in that email.  Google Maps will take the pictures on April 19.


Fox Lake Summer Kids’ Program Back For Another Year


4/7/16 – Fox Lake’s children’s recreation program is returning for a second summer.  The program is expanding from eight weeks last year to nine weeks this year and will run from June 13 through August 12.  It will be held three afternoons each week during that stretch.  Local businesses are sponsoring the program so it comes to no cost for the city.  Mayor Tom Bednarek, who worked with the late Jim Hoyer to create the program last year, feels it is important since it gives the kids something to do when school is out.  For years, Bednarek says he heard complaints of the city not having enough children’s activities.  Bednarek says offerings will include sports, arts and crafts, and learning opportunities.  Registration at city hall is expected to open up later this month and is limited to 20 participants on a first-come, first-serve basis.


TED Talk At Beaver Dam Chamber Today


4/7/16 – Author Rebecca Ryan will be the featured presenter in a TED Talk being held over the noon hour today at the Beaver Dam Chamber of Commerce.  TED, which stands for “technology, entertainment and design,” is a global series of conferences on a wide range of culturally-important topics featuring speakers who tell stories lasting no more than 18 minutes in their area of expertise.   The theme of the Leadership Luncheon is “Create a Better World for More People.”  Ryan, who selected as “Communicator of the Year” by the Association for Women in Communication, is the author of “Re Generation,” a manifesto for America’s future leaders.  Her focus is on what’s next in the real world and how can we get future-ready for it. Organizer Mark Molldrem says the luncheon is a “fine example of the kind of nurture and encouragement that the chamber offers people…to empower them to help guide our community…into the future.” The free presentation and discussion will run from noon until 12:45pm today at the Beaver Dam Chamber of Commerce at 127 South Spring Street.  A brown bag your lunch is suggested and refreshments will be provided.