News April 30, 2009

Outhouse Bombers IDed

4/30/09 – The names of three men suspected in a pair of mailbox and outhouse explosions last week have been released. 18-year-old Robert Hanson and 20-year-old Kyle Livingston, both of Beaver Dam, along with 19-year-old Stephen Peterson of Fitchburg, are being held in the Dodge County Detention Facility in connection with the pipe bombing incidents. The three were identified with the use of in-store video surveillance after allegedly purchasing the explosive components at a Beaver Dam retailer. Authorities say charges are likely but may not come until early next week.

The men are accused of blowing up a mailbox in Burnett and a port-a-potty at Lost Lake Park. Investigators say they used a pipe bomb and, in the case of the outhouse, also used liquefied gas. The Dodge County Sheriffs Department, the Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, the US Postal Service and the FBI are investigating.

Inmate Death Under Investigation

4/30/09 – Authorities are investigating the unexpected death of an inmate at the Waupun Correctional Institution. The Dodge County Sheriffs Department and Medical Examiners Office is working with the Department of Corrections. The death was reported Tuesday morning around 6:30am. An autopsy will be conducted to determine the exact cause of death.

Sewing Expo Starting Friday

4/30/09 – The city of Beaver Dam is starting to experience an influx of people for the Nancy’s Notions Sewing Weekend Expo. The three-day event begins tomorrow but already hotel rooms are filled, gas stations are busier and restaurants are more crowded. Nancy’s Notions president and founder Nancy Zieman says 300 people turned out in 1985 when she held the grand opening of her first official warehouse in Beaver Dam. Around 4000 people are expected this year. Zieman says there’ll be more creative people in Beaver Dam this weekend than any other place in the country.

YMCA Evacuated

4/30/09 – A minor chemical reaction forced the evacuation of the YMCA of Dodge County last night. The Beaver Dam Fire Department responded shortly after fire alarms rang at 7:46pm. Captain Lee Smith says the cleaning crew was using a disinfectant fogger in the child care area and the gas mixed with floor cleaning agents creating a “hazy chemical smoke.” Smith says that type of combination could have resulted in eye and throat irritation. There were no injuries. The Y closed early and the building was ventilated but people were allowed back inside to collect their belongings. Emergency responders were on scene for about a half hour.

The Other Side of the Fence

4/30/09 – A Beaver Dam-area woman has a new, free horse today because the previous owner just couldn’t keep a handle on it anymore. The Dodge County Sheriffs Department responded to a report of an animal on the loose yesterday morning just before 9am along Highway 151 in the Town of Calamus. Sgt. Steve Allermann says he and the owner tried for a couple hours to corral “Jack,” but the stallion must have enjoyed his taste of freedom too much to cooperate. The previous owner was ready to call the rendering plant. Allermann asked the woman who reported the incident if she wanted the horse and both parties signed-off on the exchange. It took some time for the woman and her family yesterday to capture Jack, but he is finding out today if the grass really is greener.