News – April 27, 2021

(Beaver Dam) A second Watertown teen was charged yesterday in connection to a robbery at a Beaver Dam business. Thatcher Sehrbrock (shear-brock) is facing a felony count of Robbery with Use of Force. Seventeen-year-old Avery Bence is also facing a felony count of Robbery with Use of Force for his alleged role. Both allegedly entered the North University business in November. Bence reportedly used peppery spray on the store clerk and took several packs of cigarettes. If convicted, Sehrbrock faces up to 15 years in prison. An initial appearance is scheduled for June 3rd.

(Emmett) A Johnson Creek man is charged with taking metal from an Emmett business. Robert Smith Jr. allegedly stole cobalt and nickel that was valued at over $13-thousand-dollars in 2019. Video surveillance from the business, where Smith Jr. was employed at the time, reportedly captured the criminal acts. If convicted, the 44-year-old faces up to 10-years in prison. An initial appearance is scheduled for May 24th.

(Columbus) A Columbus man was charged with his sixth OWI offense over the weekend. Brian Hellenbrand was allegedly pulled over for speeding Saturday by a Columbia County Sheriff’s deputy. The 41-year-old reportedly admitted to drinking alcohol that evening. In addition to the OWI charge, Hellenbrand is facing charges of Operation after Revocation, Failure to Install an Ignition Interlock Device, and will be cited for speeding.

(Wisconsin) Wisconsin Democrats want to educate people about the little understood legal principle of qualified immunity – which largely protects police officers from most civil lawsuits. Milwaukee Democrat, Representative Jonathan Brostoff (BROSS-toff), is proposing legislation to challenge qualified immunity in Wisconsin. The bill’s sponsors have scheduled a briefing on the measure a week from today.

(Wisconsin) Wisconsin is not among the states resuming use of the Johnson-and-Johnson vaccine, at least not yet. Several states, including Illinois and Iowa, are returning the Johnson-and-Johnson shot back to their coronavirus vaccine stockpiles. The Wisconsin Department of Health Services has not said anything official as of Monday morning. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention paused the use of the Johnson-and-Johnson vaccine to look into some very rare cases of blood clots. The C-D-C cleared the vaccine for re-use on Friday.

(Dodge County) Wisconsin health officials reported no COVID deaths yesterday and that number remains unchanged at 6,756. Dodge County 162 deaths. Twenty-five-point-seven-percent (25.7%) of Dodge County residents are fully vaccinated while 33.5-percent have had at least one dose.

(Wisconsin) Veterans Honor Flights participants will initially be required to have proof of COVID vaccination. According to local Never Forgotten Honor Flight leaders the requirement comes from the national Honor Flight organization in the name of safety for both the Veterans and Guardians on each flight. Should a Veteran not have proof of vaccination, or if they cannot be vaccinated, they will remain on the waiting list for future flights- but they will not be scheduled until the requirement is lifted.

(Wisconsin) A state extension for older drivers is coming to an end. The Division of Motor Vehicles says drivers older than 60 will have to renew their expired driver’s licenses by the end of May. The state extended all licenses for drivers over 60 during the coronavirus outbreak. That extension ends on May 21st. The D-M-V says many drivers can renew their licenses online, but others will need to come in for an in-person renewal.