News April 15, 2009

Juneau City Audit: Clean Opinion

4/15/09 – The City of Juneau received a clean opinion in their audit for fiscal year 2008. Don Rahn with Virchow Krause presented the financial statement to the common council last night, saying the clean opinion is the highest amount of assurance an auditor can give a municipality. The city spent around $1.8 million last year, which turned out to be about $4000 more than what was budgeted. With the overage at less than one percent though, Rahn says the city basically broke even. He also says the fund balance is holding steady at $935,000, down $5000 from the previous year. Juneau has the just over $6 million is borrowing power. Of that, they currently owe $3.6 million in general obligation debt, so the city is at about 60% of its borrowing capacity, which Rahn says is normal for Wisconsin. In 2007, the city was at 52% of its borrowing capacity.

Juneau Utility Warns of Moratoriums End

4/15/09 – The Juneau Utility Commission is reporting that their electric customers have accumulated $62,000 worth of delinquent accounts over the winter months. After tomorrow, a six-month winter moratorium on residential power disconnections will be lifted and utilities statewide may begin to disconnect service to customers with outstanding bills. Juneau Utility Commission President Dan Wegener says the power will be cut tomorrow to those customers who do not make arrangements to pay their bill. If bills are not paid after three days of a power disconnect, the city will shut-off the delinquent customers water. Wegener says they will work with customers in setting up payment plans