News – April 14, 2016

Illinois Resident Dies From Elizabeth-Kingia


4/14/16 – One person in Illinois has died from the same strain of the Elizabeth-Kingia bacteria that’s linked to as many as 19 deaths in Wisconsin. Officials gave no details of Tuesday’s death, which comes after one person in neighboring Michigan died in March from the same bacterial strain. Wisconsin health officials reported no new Elizabeth-Kingia cases in their weekly update yesterday (Wednesday) — with the total still at 59 confirmed cases since last November in the southern half of Wisconsin including Dodge, Jefferson, Columbia, Dane, Fond du Lac and Washington counties; four possible cases are being investigated. State and federal health officials have been trying to determine the source of the outbreak. The U-S Centers for Disease Control say those infected did not share the same source of water — and sources with threats like municipal water supplies and commonly-used personal-and-medical care products have been ruled out.


Statewide Results Announced From DNR Hearing


4/14/16 – Statewide voters approved 38 of 45 questions at the DNR’s annual spring hearing.  Dodge County voters approved 33.  4,363 people attended Monday’s meetings which were held in all 72 counties- 61 people in Dodge County.  67% of Wisconsin attendees want the state to repeal a law that made it easy to build a new iron ore mine near Hurley.  54% of Dodge County voters agreed.  Over 2,800 people voted in favor of a temporary ban on new frac sand mining and processing permits.  There were 826 no votes.  Nearly 75% of Dodge County voted yes.  Roughly 89% of statewide voters supported the Natural Resources Board, not the governor, choosing the DNR secretary.  A similar rate approved in Dodge County.  Statewide and Dodge County voters approved a three-year trial period for the overnight placement of portable stands on DNR lands north of Highway 64.  They also supported dividing counties into multiple deer management zones, banning night fishing near the DePere Dam and the Fox River during the spring walleye spawning season, and setting consistent end dates for fall turkey, pheasant, partridge, fisher trapping, and archery deer seasons.  In a close vote, 51% of attendees voted against requiring a non-toxic shot on DNR managed lands.  61% voted no in Dodge County.  Roughly 55% of statewide voters shut down a requirement to use non-toxic fishing tackle under half-an-ounce in weight.  73% of Dodge County voters said no.  If the voter recommendations are approved by the Natural Resources Board, they will go to the DNR Board for final consideration.


Democrats Ask Governor To Develop Plan To Address CWD


4/14/16 – It has been almost 15 years since the first Wisconsin deer died from chronic wasting disease — and despite past efforts to eliminate it, the fatal brain disorder seems more prevalent than ever. The D-N-R says nine-percent of the 31-hundred deer it tested in 2015 had C-W-D, the highest prevalence in positive samples since C-W-D arrived in the state in 2002. For years, the disease was limited to southern Wisconsin — but now, more than half of the state’s 72 counties have been affected. Now, Assembly Democrats Nick Milroy of South Range and Chris Danou of Trempealeau have asked Governor Scott Walker to recognize the threat C-W-D has on Wisconsin’s billion-dollar hunting industry — and to work with the D-N-R to create a comprehensive plan to curb the increase. Walker’s office says it’s reviewing the request.


DNR Investigating Deer Torturing Video


4/14/16 – The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and the Richland County Sheriff’s Office are investigating a video posted on Facebook that some claim shows a deer being tortured.  The clip has a young man riding a deer that had been shot and also shows the doe was pregnant.  The D-N-R is looking into possible deer-hunting rules violations, while the Richland County District Attorney is checking to see if any other laws were broken.


Mock Tornado Warnings Today For Weather Awareness Week


4/14/16 – Two mock tornado warnings will be issued in communities throughout Wisconsin today.  As part of the state’s Tornado and Severe Weather Awareness Week, people will have a chance to practice their emergency response plan by seeking shelter.  At 1 pm, a tornado watch will be issued.  That will be bumped to a warning at 1:45 pm.  Sirens will sound in many local communities, and the warnings will be broadcast on many radio stations, including AM 1430 WBEV and 95.3 WXRO.  A second warning will be issued at 6:55 pm so people can run through their response in a second setting.  The drills will happen if the sky is cloudy, dark, or rainy– but will be postponed to the same times tomorrow if actual severe storms are expected.  If storms are also possible Friday, the drills will be cancelled.  Wisconsin averages 23 tornadoes per year.  There were 17 in 2015, none in Dodge County.


Warrant Issued For Watertown Man Who No-Shows Arraignment


4/14/16 – A warrant was issued yesterday for the arrest of a Watertown man who failed to show up at his arraignment hearing on charges that he stole electronics from a friend’s house.  Nathaniel Koplien is facing felony counts of Burglary and Identity Theft in Dodge County court, both as a party to a crime.  According to the criminal complaint, the 22-year-old and a co-conspirator broke into a house in December to steal electronic items and blank checks.  Koplien allegedly tried to sell the stolen items and cashed a couple of forged checks.  If he is found guilty on both counts, Koplien faces over 18 years in prison.


D-A Calls Cops On Carful of Potheads


4/14/16 – Dodge County D-A Kurt Klomberg called police yesterday to report that a group of teenagers in a Honda Civic was smoking a joint. It happened around 6:30pm at Highway 151 and 26 in the Town of Chester. A traffic stop was conducted but authorities say they did not recover enough contraband for charges against the four teens.


Beaver Dam Man Pleads Not Guilty To Burglary


4/14/16 – A Burnett man accused of stealing from a Beaver Dam apartment pled not guilty at arraignment yesterday.  Keaton Koch is charged with felony Burglary and two misdemeanors.  According to the criminal complaint, the 29-year-old broke into an apartment and stole clothes, shoes, an mp3 player, and a video game system.  Koch allegedly made calls on the house’s home phone, asking various friends to pick him up down the block.  Earlier that day, Koch reportedly fled on foot from an officer who was trying to stop him for an outstanding warrant.  If he is convicted, Koch faces over 12 years in jail.  He will be back in court next month.


More Reports Of Counterfeit Bills in Dodge County


4/14/16 – There are more reports of counterfeit money being passed in Dodge County. The sheriff’s department was notified of a transaction last night that left the victim with five phony 100-dollar bills. The man told police he conducted a craigslist transaction at a gas station in the Town of Emmet and was given the fake cash. The matter is under investigation. Yesterday we reported on a recent wave of fake $20-bills showing up at Beaver Dam-area business with the writing “motion picture use only” written on them.


Unions Ask Judge To Declare Right-To-Work Law Unconstitutional


4/14/16 – Before a Madison judge issues his final order throwing out the state’s right-to-work law, labor unions will ask that the 2015 G-O-P measure be declared unconstitutional. The state A-F-L C-I-O and two local machinists-and-steelworkers’ unions filed a request Wednesday, asking Judge William Foust to take an additional step to prohibit right-to-work from being enforced. The law prohibits employers from forcing workers to pay union dues as part of their next labor contracts. Last Friday, the judge threw out the law as part of a union legal action. The state plans to appeal.


Trump Hires Former Walker Campaign Manager


4/14/16 – Donald Trump has hired Scott Walker’s former presidential campaign manager. Rick Wiley will be the national political director for Trump, the current front-runner for the G-O-P White House nomination. Wiley, a former head of the Wisconsin Republican Party, was criticized after Walker ended his White House bid last fall — with some conservatives saying he grew too much of a campaign operation too quickly, and spent too much in the process. Trump praised Wiley, calling him a “seasoned political expert.” The New York businessman says Wiley will be a “tremendous asset” as this summer’s G-O-P convention gets closer.


Baldwin To Meet Today With Obama Supreme Court Nominee


4/14/16 – U-S Senator Tammy Baldwin plans to meet today (Thursday) with Merrick Garland, President Barack Obama’s nominee to the U-S Supreme Court. Baldwin, a Wisconsin Democrat is among the most vocal critics of the refusal by majority Republicans to act on Garland’s appointment. Baldwin says the G-O-P is shirking its constitutional duty by not voting on the nominee — but Wisconsin’s Ron Johnson and other Republicans say voters should decide who gets to name Antonin Scalia’s replacement in their choice of the next president in November.


Bucks Sign 30-Year Lease


4/14/16 – The N-B-A’S Milwaukee Bucks have signed a 30-year lease with the public entity that will own the team’s new arena. The Bucks will pay at least one-million dollars annually to rent the arena from the Wisconsin Center District. The district board approved the terms of the lease agreement Wednesday. Construction can now begin on the 524-million-dollar arena which is to be located just north of the Bucks’ current home, the B-M-O Harris Bradley Center. Groundbreaking is set for June 18th. Construction of the arena is expected to take two years.