News 6/23/2010

Three Years For Shurpit Standoff

6/23/10 – A Fox Lake man was sentenced Tuesday to three years in prison for sparking a seven-hour stand-off with authorities last June. It took a Dodge County jury three hours last month to convict Ronald Shurpit on three felony counts, including Battery to Law Enforcement and Intentionally Pointing a Firearm at an Officer. According to the criminal complaint, a Fox Lake officer attempted to serve a Washington County warrant on the 51-year-old for Failure to Pay Child Support in excess of $6000. That’s when authorities say Shurpit “forcibly tried to push a running law mower onto the legs and feet of the officers” at least three times. The officer tried unsuccessfully to use a Tazer gun during the struggle before using pepper spray. Shurpit and the officers both wound up with weapons drawn but the officer refrained from shooting because there was a small child in the immediate area. He retreated into his residence, where he stayed for seven hours before walking out unarmed. Over 80 rounds of tear gas were launched into the residence during that time. Shurpit will serve less than two years after banking over a years worth of pre-sentencing credit in the Dodge County Jail. He will serve another three years of extended supervision following his release.

Shurpit’s Girlfriend Also Sentenced

6/23/10 – Ronald Shurpit’s girlfriend will spend 40 days on electronic monitoring. April Amond pleaded “no contest” to reduced misdemeanor charges of Obstructing an Officer. The 42-year-old was involved in the altercation between her boyfriend and police during the stand-off. Shurpit yelled at Amond (quote) “kill him, kill him, kill him.” Amond was holding a small child in her arms and threw something at a police officer before retreating into the house and grabbing a small steak knife. Amond was also placed on probation for two years and ordered to perform 50 hours of community service.

BD Man Gets 2 Years For 5th OWI

6/23/10 – A fifth drunken driving conviction gets a 44-year-old Beaver Dam man two years in prison. John Sobrilsky was sentenced recently in Fond du Lac County Court on a charge that stemmed from a traffic stop in Waupun in July of last year. According to Waupun police reports Sobrilsky was seen pulling out into traffic without his headlights on that evening. He was pulled over when an officer learned Sobrilsky’s license was revoked. In addition to the prison term Sobrilsky will have two years of extended supervision, his license was revoked for 30 months, and he will have to do 100 hours of community service in public school settings.

Burnett Man Charged With Fraud

6/23/10 – A Burnett man is charged with felony insurance fraud. James P. Voit reported an $8000 all-terrain vehicle stolen in February of 2008. It was recovered a few weeks later on his neighbor’s property, heavily damaged. Multiple witnesses say Voit intentionally abandoned the ATV. According to the criminal complaint, he was drunk and driving erratically when he went airborne and entered a ditch. If convicted, Voit faces up to five years in prison. A signature bond was set at $1000 this week and a preliminary hearing is set for next month.

Fall River Supt. Stepping Down

6/23/10 – The Fall River School Board has called a special meeting for tonight (Wed) to accept the resignation of District Administrator Heidi Schmidt. The meeting will be held at 7:30pm in the board room. Schmidt has been with the school system for nine years.

BD Alternative School Name Change

6/23/10 – The Beaver Dam School Board this week approved a name change for the Alternative School. The late Don Smith had served as the district psychologist and Director of Pupil Services

and was instrumental in establishing the school for at-risk youth in the mid-1990’s. As of July 1, the name will officially change to the Don Smith Learning Center.

Columbus Senior Expo Is Friday

6/23/10 – Over 30 service providers in the Columbus area have teamed up for another “Prime Time Over Fifty” Resource Exposition at Columbus High School. Representatives from many of the resource providers for the over fifty set will be at the High School from nine till noon on Friday. Reps from Columbus Community Hospital will be on hand to take back expired or unused drugs for safe disposal. There is also free audiology screening. A “Brain Teaser” Workshop from the Alzheimer’s Alliance of WI will be held at 9:15 am. Government representatives will also be on hand with information on the “Affordable Care Act.” There is even a “Car Fit” session on how to get yourself comfortable and safe in your auto before driving off. The Prime Time Expo was well received last year, and Friday’s 2010 Exposition will be a place to discover resources that you may not have known about.