News 5/29/2010

Reeseville Man Killed in Accident

5/29/10 – A 79-year-old Reeseville man was killed yesterday while returning to his home after getting the mail. It happened in the Town of Lowell around 3:15 p.m. Authorities’ say Edward Hahn drove his Mule, a vehicle similar to a Gator, to his mailbox and was attempting to cross back over Highway G when a northbound Jeep collided with him. The Dodge County Medical Examiner pronounced Hahn dead at the scene. The driver of the Jeep, 60-year-old Harry Schoephoerster of Reeseville, was not injured. The crash remains under investigation.

Accidents Send Three to the Hospital

5/29/10 – A couple of late night crashes sent three people to the hospital. Authorities say a 35-year-old woman was drunk and not paying attention when she collided with another vehicle on County Trunk T-W in the Town of Oak Grove. The woman, as well as the 35-year-old driver of the other vehicle, were taken to the hospital and she was later issued multiple citations. A second accident was reported in the Town of Leroy on Highway 49 near County Trunk Y-Y. Police say a 72-year-old woman left the road and crashed into a utility pole. She was later taken to the hospital and We-Energies was called out to fix the pole.

Parkhurst Arrives in Africa

5/29/10 – Beaver Dam-native Cassie Parkhurst has arrived safe and sound in the village of Banju-A in Tanzania, Africa where she’ll spend the next four months building three libraries. Parkhurst is with the Tanzanian Education Project, and is making her second trip to the impoverished east African country in the past two years. In a blog she is periodically updating she said her group is very excited to start building the libraries, fixing a school bus and laying the plans for the projects to come. With the help of her home community of Beaver Dam, Parkhurst packed a crate the size of a Buick with education supplies. The 20-foot container is filled with books, sports equipment and school supplies and arrived in the nearby village of Dar es Salaam on May 13. Due to problems with so-called ‘duty-free’ paperwork, the group was forced to come up with unexpected fees of about $500 US dollars at the shipping port. Unfortunately, Parkhurst says they’ll be forced to use money that otherwise would have been put towards addressing the serious needs of the project. She says though that they are hopeful the container will arrive sometime next week so they can start building the libraries.

Take Precautions if Leaving this Weekend

5/29/10 – If you and your family are leaving town this holiday weekend, there are some things to keep in mind to keep your home safe. A police officer says first and foremost use your locks. Jason Weber with the Wisconsin Crime Prevention Practitioners Association says many burglaries to homes and cars happen when are they are left unlocked. The virtual world is also a place where criminals case out homes. Weber says beware of posting too much information about travel plans on social networking sites.

Big Weekend for the Wisconsin Dells

5/29/10 – Wisconsin Dells business are hoping a “tremendous summer season” starts this holiday weekend. Tom Diehl of the Tommy Bartlett Show says a good weekend could represent up to six percent of the show’s business for the summer. He’s hoping for up to 100 thousand visitors to the area through Monday. Diehl says most of the major attractions have upgraded this year, after tourism largely returned to the Dells last summer. It’s been almost two years since flooding caused a breach in Lake Delton, draining it. It’s also been just a year since the water was restored.

Rep. Wood is Free

5/29/10 – State Representative Jeff Wood is a free man – at least for now. The Chippewa Falls independent was released from the county jail in his home community early yesterday morning. He served about two-thirds of a 45-day sentence for his drunk driving arrest in Columbia County in December of 2008. Wood still faces charges of driving under the influence of prescription drugs in Monroe and Marathon counties. His jail term was reduced by 11 days for good behavior, and two days for time he served earlier. Wood also had work release privileges to carry out his remaining legislative duties from his home. The Legislature adjourned for the year in late April, and Wood is not running for re-election this fall.

Salmonella Poisoning in WI Confirmed

5/29/10 – Wisconsin has its first case of salmonella poisoning that’s linked to raw alfalfa sprouts. The U-S Centers for Disease Control says 28 people have gotten sick in 10 states. More

information about the Wisconsin case was not immediately available. Caldwell Fresh Foods of Maywood California ordered a nationwide recall of its alfalfa sprouts last week. The products were sold in over 400 Wal-Mart stores in 15 states. California has 14 salmonella cases, including three new ones reported yesterday. New cases were also confirmed in Illinois, Missouri, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, and Oregon.

Graduates Struggling to Find Jobs

5/29/10 – U-S employers expect to hire five-percent more college graduates than a year ago. But with unemployment at 8-to-10-percent, this spring’s grads are still finding it tough to land a job right out of school. Joe Trovoto graduated from U-W Madison this month with degrees in history, journalism, and mass communication – and the only open positions he could find in those fields are internships. Greg Krejci of U-W Milwaukee says companies are looking for more interns than a year ago. And even though they may not pay the bills, he says the most important thing a student can do is to get at least some kind of relevant work experience. Marquette has seen more potential employers at job fairs. But career services manager Kristin Finn says competition remains high for the relatively few jobs available.

June is a Bad Month for Car vs Deer Accidents

5/29/10 – Many people think the worst time for car-deer accidents is in the fall. But actually, the state D-O-T says June is either the worst or second-worst month of the year for deer crashes. That’s because pregnant does are looking for remote places to give birth – and fawns wander away after being separated from their mothers. Last year, Wisconsin had over 16-thousand vehicle-deer accidents. Officials encourage drivers to be most watchful for deer in the early morning and the evening hours, when the animals are the most active. If you see one deer, another is probably close by.

Baldwin Splits from Longtime Partner

5/29/10 – Madison Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin has announced she is separating from her domestic partner of the last 15 years. Baldwin was the first open lesbian to service Congress when she took office in 1998. Her office released a statement yesterday saying Baldwin and Lauren Azar are terminating their domestic partnership. Those two were among the first to sign up for Wisconsin’s domestic partnership registry for same-sex couples last year. Azar is a member of the Wisconsin Public Service Commission.