News 5/16/2010

Supreme Court Denies Anderson/ Krnak Review

5/16/10 – The Wisconsin Supreme Court won’t be reviewing the case of a Jefferson County man convicted of killing his father and dumping his body hundreds of miles away. Derick Anderson was formerly known as Andrew Krnak. He was found guilty four years ago of killing 55-year-old Allen Krnak and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Andrew’s father, mother, brother and the family dog disappeared from their rural home near Helenville in 1998. His father’s remains were found in a wooded area of North Carolina a year later, only 10 miles from where Anderson attended school. His mother and brother have never been found.

Attorney General Van Hollen commented, “The fact that this homicide conviction stands typifies much of what we at the Department of Justice strive to do. Assistant Attorney General Margie Moeller from our criminal appeals unit acted as a resource for and worked closely with the local district attorney to ensure that any conviction obtained by the prosecution would occur within the proper bounds of the law and in a fashion that would appropriately withstand appellate scrutiny. It was our cooperative efforts with one another that maximized the likelihood of a just result, while ensuring local autonomy and the efficiencies of each unit of government doing what it does best”.

Racist Fliers At Fond du Lac HS

5/16/10 – It is the second time such an incident has happened in North Fond du Lac. Someone has left white supremacist fliers on cars at the Horace Mann High School. Police Captain Darren Pautsch says while leaving the fliers on the cars isn’t illegal, the sentiment expressed in the fliers promotes violence — something authorities are concerned about. North Fond du Lac Schools Superintendent Aaron Sadoff says it’s an inappropriate activity on school grounds, where they teach students to respect each other. The fliers were left on the cars in a student parking lot this past Monday. Similar fliers were left on cars at the school when Senator Russ Feingold held a listening session there on March 1st. Pautsch says they got a description of a white man in his mid-20s with shaved blonde hair. They’d like to speak with him to make sure his intent wasn’t to promote violence. He says more likely the man is a follower just distributing a larger group’s message.

Sames Arraigned

5/16/10 – A Minnesota man says he didn’t pose as a cop and sexually assault a 13 year old girl outside Fox River Mall. Thirty five year old Jamie Sames pleaded not guilty Friday in Outagamie Court. He faces charges of second degree sexual assault, child enticement and impersonating a police officer to aid in the commission of a crime. Authorities say he followed two young girls out of a Target store March 10, told them he was a cop and accused them of shoplifting. The victim told the court Sames took her behind a trash dumpster and groped her. Sames’ attorney asked for the case to be dismissed, but no ruling was made. Trial is scheduled to start in September.

Crop Duster Crash Injures One

5/16/10 – A crop duster avoided serious injury in Sauk County Saturday because he was flying to close to the ground. The pilot was the only person on board the helicopter when it crashed at about 1 p.m. He was dusting crops near the village of Plain at the time.

Traffic Enforcement Increases Around Capital

5/16/10 – Madison police work to make it a little safer to walk the streets around the Wisconsin state Capitol. That area has become infamous for drivers who go right through crosswalks with little regard for the people walking there. That may change soon. Madison police have begun issuing tickets to motorists who fail to yield to foot traffic around the Capitol loop. The price for a ticket is just over 140 dollars for failing to yield to a pedestrian. Police say that should send a loud message to drivers, adding the department plans to keep the heat on in the months to come.

Critics Weigh In On Raw Milk Bill

5/16/10 – Several groups call on Wisconsin’s governor to veto a bill legalizing the sale of raw milk here. Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association President Brian Baker says the bill allowing the sale of unpasteurized milk products could badly damage the 26 billion dollar dairy industry — if even one outbreak were to occur because of tainted milk. Baker says that could seriously hurt confidence in dairy producers across Wisconsin and harm the billions of pounds of milk produced in the state that are sold each year. Supporters of the bill say it includes safeguards to protect the public, such as regular testing. Doug Gieryn of the Wisconsin Public Health Association says that hasn’t helped in other states, where sales of raw milk have lead to outbreaks of illness and even deaths. He says tests can’t catch all the potential pathogens that could be present in the product, and sales could put the health of the public at risk.

Revenue Department Projections

5/16/10 – Wisconsin Revenue Department spokeswoman Stephanie Marquis says personal income is expected to increase three percent this year, and employment is growing. The latest department forecast estimates the state will add about 20 thousand jobs this year. However, it may take awhile for the state to reach pre-recession levels of employment again. Marquis says the Department estimates we won’t hit those numbers again until at least 2013. Last year, personal income declined about 2-percent. Employment also was down about 4.5-percent in 2009.

Emergency Responder Coverage Expanded

5/16/10 – New legislation signed into law this week allows for the presumption that emergency responders who contract a disease, such as Hepatitis or HIV, were exposed while in the line of duty. The distinction would allow them to access disability benefits right away, rather than having to first prove they were infected while working. Bill sponsor state Senator Jim Sullivan says it’s an issue that doesn’t come up very often. However, he says those who put their lives at risk every day to protect the public shouldn’t have to worry about their job security if they contract a life changing illness. The bill provides protections similar to those already in place for emergency workers who develop serious illnesses such as heart and lung disease.

DOT: ‘Keep Signs Out Of Right-Of-Way’

5/16/10 – Small signs on the side of the road may be a good way to direct bargain hunters to your garage sale — but, they are illegal when they are placed within a highway right-of-way. The state of Wisconsin also has a new law in place governing business signs placed too close to the road. All those signs make life difficult for highway maintenance crews. They are instructed to remove them. The directive applies to political, house for sale, garage sale, painter for hire, work at home and any other type of temporary, non-approved signs. The Wisconsin Department of Transportation points out — not only are the signs against the law, they also can become a hazard.

Pug Fest Today

5/16/10 – Pugs and their caretakers from all over the U.S. descend upon the Milwaukee area for the annual Pug Fest. Organizers expect this event to the biggest so far. Rick Kopaczewski is President of Pug Hugs, Incorporated. He says the gathering drew 18 hundred people and more than a thousand pugs last year. They’re expecting 22 hundred people and 12 hundred pugs this time — advance tickets sold as far as Texas, California and New York. The Milwaukee Pug Fest is considered to be the largest single breed dog event in the country. Today’s event also features The Blessing of the Pugs, veterinary presentations and costume contests for the “lovable lap dogs with a clown face.”

Kennedy Listening Session Tuesday

5/16/10 – Beaver Dam Mayor Tom Kennedy will hold another one of his listening session Tuesday. Kennedy says city residents are invited to meet with him, one-on-one, without appointment on the first and third Tuesday of every month. He says it is important that constituents have the opportunity to speak with him the day after each regular meeting of the common council. The meetings are held in Room 109 on the first floor of City Hall from 10am until noon. Kennedy says he also make himself available for private meetings by appointment by contacting the mayor office