News 4/27/2010

White Interim Principal At Cambria-Friesland

4/27/10 – The Cambria-Friesland School Board last night approved the promotion of Elementary School Principal Nicole White to “Interim K-through-12 Principal.” The action comes after last week’s termination of District Administrator Gary Reineck, who also served as principal for grades six through 12. While the board took no action to install an interim superintendent, Board President Becky Gutzman says White’s promotion fills a vital leadership role while the district plans its next step. A half-time substitute will be brought in to take over White’s teaching duties. The board yesterday also addressed plans for next year’s budget and class schedules; work left in limbo following Reineck’s departure. The board plans to move ahead with the final year of a three year class schedule already in place, with some modifications. The bigger issue: the district is looking at a budget deficit close to $245,000 and schools have until this Friday to notify the state of staff reductions. The board yesterday also agreed to dispose of four of the five staff evaluations written by Reineck, dated last Thursday and left in a mailbox. While one board member called the evaluations (quote) “derogatory,” they were thrown out because policy dictates they are to be presented in person with adequate opportunity for rebuttal. Finally, graduating seniors could have a blank on their diplomas where the Superintendent’s signature is supposed to be. Gutzman says the diploma would, of course, still be valid and would still contain her signature along with that of Principal White.

Firchow on Food For Thought

4/27/10 – Beaver Dam businessmen Michael Firchow says after his family ate three days worth of meals from a food pantry he gained a new insight into what it means to be hungry. Firchow was one of several members of the community who signed-up with the Dodge County UW Extension office to participate in the “Food For Thought” program. Even though it was part of a project, he says the process of signing up his family and standing in line at a food pantry truly was “Food For Thought.” For three days the Firchow family lived off macaroni and cheese, Hamburger-Helper, Chex cereal and various canned food items. They were able to hand-select all of the food because, unlike some other pantry’s, patrons to Sacred Heart in Horicon can choose the items they prefer. But just because they had a choice of food items, didn’t mean his wife and two kids ate like they’re used to. Firchow says there was a noticeable lack of fresh fruits and vegetables. He says that got him thinking about donating food that he would like to see his family eat, and maybe even donating a cooler. In the end though, Firchow says he and his family took away a lot more than just a box of food.

Beaver Dam Tornado Siren Out of Service

4/27/10 – The city of Beaver Dam has lost one of its six tornado sirens. That’s according to the city’s Emergency Management Director Lee Smith who says the tornado siren located on the northwest side of town, near the Kwik Trip on North Center Street, is out of service. Smith told the Police and Fire Commission this month that he did not budget for the cost of replacement, which is close to $19,000. The Fire Department is seeking grant funding to help pay for some of the costs of the replacement, otherwise the money would come from the general fund. Smith says until the new siren’s is installed, citizens on the northwest side of Beaver Dam need to be extra cautious in the event of severe weather and/ or tornado warnings. A new siren has been ordered and will be installed during the week of May 10.

Mayville Man Faces Smuggling Charge

4/27/10 – A Mayville man faces up to three-and-a-half years in prison for allegedly smuggling lip-gloss and mascara into a Waupun prison. Emil Lazich is charged with a felony count of Delivering Illegal Articles To An Inmate. According to the criminal complaint, the 72-year-old slipped the make-up to the inmate in a scrabble bag while the two played games. Lazich had a signature bond set at $1000 yesterday and he’ll be back in court next month.

BD DPW: Bulk Pick-Up Next Week

4/27/10 – Bulk garbage pick-up for Beaver Dam residents begins next Monday. Director of Facilities David Stoiser has announced that bulk pick-up will begin Monday, May 3 and continue through Friday, May 7. Stoiser says the collection regulations are the same as in the past. Bulk waste can be placed on the curb no sooner than 24 hours prior to each collection and by 7am on the day of pick-up. Bulk waste is defined as, but not limited to, furniture, wooden doors and windows and rolled carpet, not exceeding 4’ to 6’ in length. No metal items like bed springs, doors, windows, appliances and pipes will be collected. Also, they do not accept bundled or loose piles of lumber or building materials; those items must be broken down and placed in the weekly collection cart. The next bulk pick-up will be the first waste collection day of November