News 4/25/2010

Third Counterfeit Bill Reported In BD-Area

4/25/10 – A third counterfeit bill has been reported in the Beaver Dam area. According to the Dodge County Sheriffs Department, a Town of Beaver Dam gas station employee reported a phony $10 bill to authorities Saturday morning, after it was called into question by a customer. Two other counterfeit $10 bills were reportedly found at Beaver Dam businesses on Thursday. Law enforcement officials are urging those who handle money to keep and eye out and test suspicious bills. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Dodge County Sheriffs Department or the anonymous We-Tip hotline at 800-78-CRIME.

Bank Robbery Interrupts Soccer Game

4/25/10 – A search for a pair of suspected bank robbers interrupted a high school soccer game and a track meet Saturday morning. Bank Mutual in Monona was stuck up about 9:30am. Two coaches say they saw a man and a woman acting suspiciously near La Follette High School a few minutes later. Police managed to catch the female suspect and the soccer game between Oregon and La Follette started. Less than half an hour later, police told everyone to get into the school — and they had to stop the games. The freshman and junior varsity games were completed, then the varsity contest finally got started at about noon. The athletes were kept in the school while cops searched for their suspect.

One Injured In Rollover

4/25/10 – One injury was reported following a one vehicle rollover yesterday afternoon in the Town of Leroy. According to the Dodge County Sheriffs Department, the accident occurred around 3:45pm on County Trunk Z at Kantin Road. 64-year-old Roy Brockhaus was transported by Theresa EMS to St. Agnes Hospital. Authorities are on the lookout for a seven-month old dog that was in the vehicle and remains missing.

Five Injured At Calumet County Crossing

4/25/10 – Authorities in Calumet County five teenagers in a car either didn’t notice a railway crossing sign — or didn’t see the approaching train Thursday morning on their way to school. The five were injured badly enough to be admitted to the hospital. The train was going an estimated 30 miles per hour. Three of the five suffered serious injuries.

Beaver Dam Summer Guide Available Monday

4/25/10 – The 2010 Beaver Dam Community Activities and Services Summer Guide will be arriving on all city doorsteps Monday. The guide details all recreational activities, and includes club and sports schedules, lesson times, registration information and related costs. There is also a schedule of community events, the line-up for the “Concert in the Park” series, a complete list of park amenities and shelter and equipment rental costs, beach information and boat launch fees. Senior Center programs and activities are also included. The 2010 Beaver Dam Community Activities and Services Summer Guide will be wrapped in Monday’s free Daily Citizen Shopper and can also be obtained at the Senior Center and Recreation Building at 114 East Third Street.

4-H Focus On Obesity

4/25/10 – A healthy living program for Wisconsin will focus primarily on people being overweight. This state is among 15 getting a 50 thousand dollar grant from the National 4-H Council and the Wal Mart Foundation. 4-H Healthy Living Task Force member Ruth Litchfield says young people in the program are empowered to demand changes such as going to school boards or city council meetings to push for healthier foods in vending machine or increased physical activity in the schools. In addition to being physically unhealthy, the registered dietician says obesity is fiscally

unhealthy because of the high costs related to treating related diseases. Eleven counties will participate.

Summerfest Addresses Parking Situation

4/25/10 – Summerfest takes steps to improve the parking situation on Milwaukee’s lakefront, but the solution won’t be ready for the start of this year’s event. The board of Milwaukee World Festival, Incorporated, approved spending 815 thousand dollars to buy an industrial building that used to be home to Charter Wire’s manufacturing plant. The building will be torn down to add another 460 parking spaces just to the west of the Marcus Amphitheater.

Feingold Tries To Block Pay Raises

4/25/10 – U.S. Senator Russ Feingold of Wisconsin authors a bill which would block next year’s automatic pay raise for members of Congress. The Senate approved the idea on a voice vote last week, but it still has to be passed by the House of Representatives. Shortly after Thursday’s vote, Feingold released a statement pointing to many perks members of Congress already enjoy. Senators are paid 174 thousand dollars a year. Feingold doesn’t accept the annual raises because he says most Americans don’t have the power to give themselves one.

Milwaukee Doctor Cleared In Judge’s Death

4/25/10 – A Milwaukee County jury clears Doctor Marc Olsen of responsibility in the fatal heart attack suffered by a judge. Olsen told the court he had urged former Fox Point municipal judge William Padway to undergo testing for heart disease, but Padway declined. Padway died in 2006. His family had filed a three million dollar lawsuit claiming Olsen failed to follow the proper standard of care during the judge’s visit to his office about three weeks before the fatal heart attack. The jury ruled Dr. Olsen was not responsible for the death.

Waukesha Wastewater Plan Hits Snag

4/25/10 – Milwaukee County Board members say they are worried about pollution. They have voted to oppose Waukesha’s plan to use county streams to send treated wastewater to Lake Michigan. County Executive Scott Walker says the board’s vote “flies in the face of regional cooperation.” Walker says he will veto it, but that veto may not stand. Enough supervisors are against Waukesha’s plan to override the veto. Waukesha city officials are seeking to use lake water due to radium pollution in its underground water supply source.

Milwaukee Property Values Continue Decline

4/25/10 – Milwaukee sees a decline in property values, but less of a decline than the year before. The city assessor’s office reports those values dropped 2-point-4 percent last year. Milwaukee officials are voicing cautious optimism that the numbers could mean the local real estate market is rebounding, at least slightly. Alderman Michael Murphy has been quoted as saying he thinks those prices have “hit the bottom.” Until the drop in 2008, Milwaukee had seen 13 straight years of growth.