News 4/12/10

BDUSD Honors Outstanding Alumni, Friends of Education

4/12/10 – The Beaver Dam Unified School District honored an Outstanding Alumni and three Friends of Education during their annual Wall of Fame banquet last night. The Outstanding Alumni was Clarence Keller, a 1921 graduate who went on to be the city’s first full time mayor, guiding Beaver Dam thru five consecutive terms. Longtime board member Laurie Probst was presented with a Friends of Education Award. Those who nominated Probst called her a child advocate who played a key role in improving the learning environment in the district and whose motto is and has always been, “do what’s right for the kids.” Dr. Ayaz Samadani was recognized as a Friend of Education for being a founding member of the Beaver Dam Scholarship Foundation, which has given out $1.8 million since its inception. The Beaver Dam Noon Kiwanis was also named a Friend of Education for providing scholarships, generous donations and leadership opportunities to children in the district. The Wall of Fame recipients will be our guests on WBEV’s Community Comment tomorrow afternoon.

Car Crashed Into Columbus Restaurant

4/12/10 – Six minor injures were reported after a car drove into a restaurant in Columbus last night. Jerrod Fox with the Columbus Fire Department says the vehicle broke through the west side of the Apple Tree Restaurant on Park Avenue just after 6pm. He says patrons had just left the booth where the vehicle wound up, buried to its windshield. The booth was completely destroyed. Those injured were inside the restaurant; the driver was not injured. It is believed the Chevy passenger car had mechanical problems; Frank Porth towed it from the scene. Two minutes before authorities responded to the Apple Tree crash, they were dispatched to Highway 73 and County Highway D for a motorcycle versus deer accident. The driver sustained injures and was transported to Columbus Community Hospital.