News 4/10/10

Man Robbed at Gunpoint in Beaver Dam

4/10/10 – Police are looking for a 25-year-old man who allegedly robbed another man at gun point last night in Beaver Dam. The 19-year-old victim says the incident took place at an apartment at 1601 North Spring Street. The suspect, Michael Dufay, left in a black Honda Civic. Police searched the residence where he was said to be living but did not find him. Officials have not said what was taken or whether the two men knew each other. The victim did not suffer any serious injuries. Anyone with information is asked to contact the police department or the anonymous We-Tip Hotline 1-800-78-CRIME.

No Change after Recount in Mayville,

4/10/10 – Nothing changed following a recount in Mayville in the tied aldermanic race between current Police Chief Bill Linzenmeyer and Robert Redeker. Deputy Clerk Ashley Schabel says the two and a half hour process ended yesterday afternoon with each candidate receiving 134 votes. On election night, city officials followed state statute and both the candidates names were put into a hat. A city employee drew Redeker’s name and Schabel says that’s how it will stand.

Recount in Waupun Set for this Afternoon

4/10/10 – A recount in the race for the 2nd Ward seat on the Waupun Common Council has been set for this afternoon. Challenger Dan Ganz secured one more vote than incumbent Pete Kaczmarski, winning 50 to 49. If the voting numbers are upheld Ganz will join the council less than a year after leading a campaign to have Mayor Jodi Steger recalled. Steger was re-elected for her third term on Tuesday.

Smith Will Serve After All

4/10/10 – Meanwhile, Bob Smith, who lost both his bid for Mayor in Mayville, and the race to retain his 2nd Ward aldermanic seat, will serve the public on another board. Longtime Dodge County Supervisor Earl Anderson did not seek reelection for his seat in the 33rd district and no names appeared on the ballot. However, Dodge County Clerk Karen Gibson says there were three write in candidates that received two votes apiece, including Smith. Similar to the tie vote in Mayville, Gibson says they put the three names into a hat and ended up drawing Smiths. He’ll represent Mayville’s second, third and sixth wards.

Foreclosures Up in Dodge County, Down in Most Others

4/10/10 – Other than in Dodge County, the number of foreclosures in the region went down in the first quarter of the year when compared to the fourth quarter of 2009. Dodge County saw an increase of nearly 16-percent as there were 132 foreclosures in the first quarter which ended March 31st. Meanwhile, surrounding counties all saw fewer foreclosures. The largest decrease was seen in Fond du Lac County where they were down 25-percent to 97-filings while Washington and Columbia Counties each had 12-percent fewer. Jefferson County saw the smallest decrease of 6-percent after there were 108-foreclosures in the 1st quarter.

Udey Dam Repair Schedule Set

4/10/10 – Columbus City Administrator Boyd Kraemer announced the proposed schedule for repair of the Udey Dam at this week’s Common Council. General Engineering is due to have construction plans done by May 7th and the project could be completed by October 29th. The repair of the Dam was challenged by the Town of Columbus and Town of Elba. The townships and certain DNR officials had asked for removal of the

Crawfish River Dam which is located in the City. Many CDA and Council Members favor repair of the Dam as a first step in riverfront development in Columbus.

Time Running Out to File Your Taxes

4/10/10 – Stephanie Marquis with the state Revenue Department says there’s still a chance to get your 2009 tax return done online as we approach the April 15th deadline. Wisconsin’s e-file system is expected to help over 70-percent of taxpayers complete their state returns this year. Marquis says it’s a secure and free way to get your taxes done, it provides a clear record that your taxes have been received, and it can greatly increase the speed in which you’ll receive any refund you’re owed. Marquis says the most common reason people have for waiting until the last minute is that they owe money to the state. If that’s the case, she says you don’t have to pay your taxes at the same time you file. You can file today, then schedule a time before the deadline to get your payment in. Free tax help is also still available across the state. Information is available by calling 211.

Board of Regents Discusses Tuition Controversy

4/10/10 – The UW Board of Regents has approved changes to the way differential tuition increases are reviewed. UW System spokesman Dave Giroux says Regents says students will be able to give input on efforts to launch new initiatives on a specific campus. Differential tuition increases are used when extra funding is needed for a project or program on one particular campus, such as a student community center at the UW-Platteville. Opponents of the policy wanted it to allow for binding student referendums on the tuition hikes, but such votes would only be considered advisory under the accepted plan.

Chomsky on Tea Party Movement

4/10/10 – Scholar Noam Chomsky says the current climate of district is giving rise to the tea party movement – which he says it based on real concerns of unemployment and vanishing jobs. Comsky says he’s never seen such a climate of distrust in this country. Calling the tea party movement the “most organized” of all protesting groups he says important question to ask is, “Why are these justly angry people being mobilized by the extreme right?” Chomsky was in town earlier this week to receive an award for Lifetime Contribution to Critical Scholarship from UW’s Havens Center.

Lawyers Looking to Make Medical Records More Private

4/10/10 – Trial lawyers are making a last minute push in the state legislature for a bill that would make more medical records private in personal injury lawsuits. A broad coalition of businesses, insurers, doctors and others are lining up against the plan. Ever since 1995, Wisconsin courts have given someone who is being sued the power to examine the medical records of the person who’s suing them. Insurance companies like this because when they get sued by someone who claims to have been hurt in an accident, they can go back into old medical records to see if the person’s injury was there all along. Trial lawyers don’t like the law. Stevens Point Attorney Jason Studinski told a legislative panel that in practice it actually discourages victims who’ve been hurt from seeking their day in court. He says “the problem is that these requests for medical records are truly designed to intimidate or harass or annoy a victim.” The state’s trial lawyers association is pushing a change that would restrict medical records and tilt the playing field more in their favor. There are only two weeks left before the legislature adjourns for the year