Newly Sworn-In Columbus Judge Gives Update To Council

(Columbus) The judge in the newly established municipal court in the city of Columbus gave officials an update at the most recent common council meeting.  Judge Ed Schellin was sworn-in this past April. He says quite a lot of work goes into starting a municipal court and now he understands all the people who said it could not be done this quickly.

Schellin says he now realizes all the things that need to be addressed, noting the recent implementation of computer systems that track police records and debt collections. He was quick to note that his court is not about money because he (quote) “does not want the tail to wag the dog.”

Schellin says the philosophy of his court is to focus on solutions and not dwell on problems though he notes that it is important to know enough about problems to come up with the right solutions.

The Eastern Columbia County Joint Municipal Court moved from Columbus to Randolph last year. After several unsuccessful attempts to bring the court back to Columbus, the city decided to establish its own court.

“My perception is that the informed public really appreciates the municipal court being back in Columbus,” he says, “I’m glad that it is back here, and I appreciate the support of the city in getting it up and running.”

Judge Schellin says the usage of the court has increased 153-percent since launching on May 1. He invited the common council to visit the court during an open session.