New Website Coordinates Volunteerism In Dodge County

9/25/17 – There is a new website that helps local residents pay it forward. Volunteer-dodge-dot-net was launched earlier this month. The webpage focuses on opportunities to get involved with charitable groups in the Dodge County area. Coordinator Linda Chipman says the idea for the website stemmed out of working with Trinity Church United Methodist in Beaver Dam. They identified a need in the community when it comes to connecting volunteers with local charities.  Nonprofit organizations can go to the free website and fill out information about who they are and their needs. When potential volunteers visit the website, they will be asked a series of questions about their interests and skills to match the right opportunity with their strengths. Volunteer Dodge has teamed with up the United Way of Dodge County. She says at first United Way initially planned on taking the lead but it would have involved hiring more staff to do so. United Way of Dodge County decided to instead help fund the website and it remains an all-volunteer effort. Chipman says partnering with the United Way of Dodge County has been integral in getting the program up and running. Volunteer-Dodge can be found here: