New Voting Wards Established In Beaver Dam

10/4/11 – The Beaver Dam Common Council last night unanimously approved an ordinance establishing new voting wards in the city. Redistricting is required to be done in conjunction with the ten-year census. As part of the process, the Dodge County Board chose to eliminate four of its 37 supervisory districts. Because one of the county board districts being eliminated is in the city of Beaver Dam, the 14 aldermanic wards inside the city had to be redrawn. The biggest changes are in two county board supervisory districts that used to each have two city wards but now will have three wards. Those wards are Four, Five, Eight, Ten, 12 and 14. Other wards had little to no alteration. The city’s Director of Administration John Somers says no ward in the city experienced more than a 30% shift in its constituency.