New Tennis Courts Open At BDHS Today

The brand new tennis courts are set to open today on the campus of Beaver Dam High School.

The project began this spring to replace the aging tennis courts along with adding long jump pits and for track and field and beginning the process of constructing a new varsity softball diamond.

“First and foremost, there was a safety concern with our last courts.  We were constantly trying to fill some cracks and things like that with the foundation.” Beaver Dam High School Athletic Director Melissa Gehring told  “We are in a great location at Beaver Dam High School but we are a little landlocked. So fixing the courts just got to the point where we needed to start over again and then that helped us move around things so we could create some more green space for some future projects. “

There are eight courts, like the old facility, but the new courts have more space than the previous facility which was built in the early 1980s.  The new facility will also have an area in the middle where bleachers will be set up.   You will still be able to watch the matches up on the hill like in the past.  They are just south of the former tennis facility.

The official opening of the courts will happen this afternoon when the Beaver Dam High School tennis players will take the court.   The facility will be available to the general public on August 2nd and be open from sun-up to sun-down when not being used for high school practice or competitions.

The project included moving the long and triple jump pits near the football scoreboard and also the shot and discus area was moved to near where the old tennis courts were located.

Work on the future varsity softball diamond has also began.  If all goes well, they hope that project can be complete by the spring of 2023.

Click the link to hear a full interview with Beaver Dam High School Athletic Director Melissa Gehring.

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