New SSM Health Clinic In Beaver Dam On Track For February Opening

(Beaver Dam) A recent onsite review with the team that will occupy the new SSM Health clinic in Beaver Dam affirms that the project is on track to open on schedule. A group consisting of providers, care team members, operations and facilities personnel met at the construction site off of Highway 151 last month to tour progress.

Construction Project Manager Kyle Prochaska says it was gratifying to have the clinic’s future staff on hand to validate that all the planning efforts will meet their specific needs at the time of opening. He called it a significant step, ensuring they are weather tight, mitigating risk of schedule delays due to inclement weather. Curb and gutter work is getting underway this month with asphalting of the roughly 200 parking stalls.

Some landscaping will be complete this year, including some planting and seed work. Trees and other larger landscape pieces will be planted next spring.

Progress is being made in the building’s interior with mechanical, electrical and plumbing work started which will lead to drywall installation and finishes.

The new clinic will house SSM Health primary and specialty care providers, as well as imaging, laboratory and pharmacy services. Once built, SSM Health will move services currently provided in leased space adjacent to Marshfield Medical Center – Beaver Dam to the new location.

The 40,000 square foot standalone clinic should open on time for patient care next February.