New Site Identified For New Mayville Public Library

(Mayville) The Mayville Common Council was provided with an update Monday night on the progress of a new public library. In January, Mayor Rob Boelk formed an advisory committee tasked with researching the best course of action whether that be tearing down the existing building or to start anew.

Committee Chairperson Sue Smith says they have located a poperty within the city that would be an ideal site for a new library. The vacant land is located on John Street directly behind the Mayville Limestone School Museum. Smith says the land is flat, is situated on the dedicated square space and is not removed from the city tax roll.

The site is under control of the Mayville School Board but they recently deemed the property as surplus, allowing the library to have access to the land. District Administrator Scott Sabol says they did so in a good faith effort to demonstrate their support of the land being used for community literacy.

Smith says the property would also provide more parking space then their current facility which is 50 years old and in disrepair. She says issues range from outdated lighting, obsolete heating that is not energy efficient, no existing rooms for quiet study or tutoring groups, a basement with water and storage problems, no additional room for adult and children programs and the building is not ADA compliant.

Smith says they plan to sell the old library and use the funds to help pay for the construction of the new building. While there is no project cost at the moment, she says they plan to cover it entirely through donated funds. She says the committee is planning community fundraising opportunities and will be engaging with local groups for support. The committee will also be touring other libraries to gain insight and formulate ideas while developing Mayville’s new facility.