New Public Pool in Waupun Discussed

2/29/12 – The Waupun Committee of the Whole last night authorized the City Administrator to draft wording for a referendum on a possible new public pool. Waupun residents used to have two swimming options but the Fond du Lac County Park Pool fell into a leaky state-of-disrepair and closed some five years ago. The aging McCune Beach facility is outdated and possible enhancements are being studied. Members of the Waupun Area Recreation Project are recommending an aquatic center in Fond du Lac County Park designed by Neuman Pools. Fond du Lac County has offered to support a Waupun pool wherever it’s located to the tune of $1 million dollars but the offer will not be good forever. A fundraising committee is also being formed. There was general agreement amongst city officials that any referendum should be advisory, as opposed to a binding referendum that may later tie the hands of city leaders. It was also generally agreed that the referendum, or referenda, give the public options for not only how the project should be funded but also where it should be located. However, in casting the only “no” vote last night, Alderman Dan Ganz says the timing is just not right and other city improvement projects should be taking precedence. Mayor Jodi Steger says now is the time for the taxpayers to provide input on the future of this project. City officials need to have the wording finalized and approved by June 6 for the question or questions to appear on the November 6 ballot.