NEW – July 13, 2021

(Beaver Dam) Have you ever seen a bike with a motor attached to it driving the road and asked yourself if its legal. Beaver Dam Police Sergeant Jeremiah Johnson says if the bicycle contains any sort of internal combustion engine it then is classified as a moped and must meet state safety standards, be licensed and registered. Electric Bicycles or E-Bikes, however, can operate on city streets and do not require DMV registration. Johnson recommends doing your research and checking into state statute and local ordinances prior to using or purchasing a motorized bike.

(Waupun) A Waupun woman was arrested for Operating while Under the Influence on Saturday. Deputy Chief Jeremy Rasch says when attempting to release the woman to a responsible party, police learned that the man attempting to take responsibility for her had an active warrant for his arrest through the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office. Rasch says officers took the 23-year-old Waupun man into custody and turned him over to a sheriff’s deputy. He says the woman was ultimately released to another party.

(Dodge County) Law enforcement often relies on citizen observers while in the duty of serving and protecting the community. Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt says regardless of how the tip is received; you can always remain anonymous. The sheriff says they prefer you leave your name, phone number, and contact info, but tell the deputy, officer, or dispatcher that you want to remain anonymous. He says, they are then required by law to protect your identity but can reach out to you to follow up if needed.

(Wisconsin) With the emergence of the Delta variant and other coronavirus variants, it is clear the pandemic is not over in Wisconsin. Deputy Health Services Secretary Julie Willems Van Dijk says getting vaccinated is critical. A recent uptick in coronavirus cases in Wisconsin is believed due to the more easily transmissible Delta variant. – WRN

(Wisconsin) Wisconsin’s coronavirus vaccination numbers are getting smaller. In the week ending Sunday, state health officials say 22-thousand people in Wisconsin got a dose. That number will likely go up. Still, 22-thousand doses in one week are Wisconsin’s lowest total since the state began offering the coronavirus vaccine in December. Wisconsin’s peak was 428-thousand doses in one week back in early April. A little more than half of eligible people in Wisconsin have at least one dose of the vaccine.

(Dodge County) Just over forty-percent of Dodge County’s population have received one COVID vaccine shot while 38.8-percent have completed the vaccination series. That figure is 43.4-percent in Washington and Jefferson Counties, 41.5-perecnt in Fond du Lac County, 51.7-percent in Columbia County, and 42.6-percent in Green Lake County.

(Wisconsin) Local schools in Wisconsin are waiting for guidance from the state about wearing face masks. The Wisconsin Department of Health Services and the Department of Public Instruction are not yet offering any recommendations for students or teachers. The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says vaccinated students and teachers do not have to wear masks. Many Wisconsin schools have already decided that masks will be optional in the fall. Others have not announced any decisions.

(Madison) There is a special election today for Assembly District 37. The vacancy was created when John Jagler won his own special election in April to the State Senate. The candidates include Democrat Pete Adams, Republican Will Penterman, and Independent candidate Stephen Ratzlaff Jr. There is also a recall election today in District 10 on the Dodge County Board. Dan Siegmann has filed to run for the seat currently held by Thomas Schaefer.