New Judge Assigned In Ware Wrongful Death Lawsuit

8/23/17 – A new judge will preside over a second wrongful death lawsuit involving an accused murderer from Fox Lake. Judge Brian Pfitzinger was assigned yesterday to a civil case in which Laverne Ware Jr is a defendant. Ware is accused of killing his girlfriend and cousin Sesalie Dixon in December. Her husband, Shundale Dixon of South Carolina, filed the lawsuit on behalf of the Estate of Sesalie Dixon earlier this month. Both sides were in court for a motion hearing this week when Ware requested the judicial reassignment. Attorneys for Shundale Dixon indicated that they would be filing a motion to consolidate their wrongful death suit with one filed in December by the victim’s father. Court documents indicate that Ware has at least $400-thousand dollars in liquid assets that he had received as an inheritance. He had posted a $200-thousand-dollar cash bail in December shortly after initial charges were filed for Hiding A Corpse. When formal charges of First Degree Intentional Homicide were filed in January, Ware’s cash bond was re-set at $2.5-million dollars, and he has been held in the Dodge County Jail ever since. As part of the most recent lawsuit, a judicial order was entered that prevents Ware from disbursing his assets, except for $150-thousand dollars allocated for legal expenses.  Ware is due back in court September 9 for a motion hearing on the criminal charges in advance of a two-week jury trial that is on the calendar next April. No dates have been set in the civil matter.