New Dodge County Sheriff’s Office Program Tracks Valuables

(Juneau) A new product is available to Dodge County residents to help combat property theft. The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office is partnering with ProtechDNA who offers a special forensic adhesive that can be applied to all type’s valuables. It is called “DNA for Property,” the adhesive is swabbed on an item and will permanently dry clear. Suspended in the adhesive are thousands of microscopic dots that are etched with a unique alpha-numeric PIN. The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office will have detection equipment to determine if certain valuables have been marked with the DNA adhesive and special readers to view the PIN on the microscopic dots. The PIN will be entered into a secure law enforcement database to retrieve owner contact information.

Sheriff Dale Schmidt says this is an effective resource for law enforcement to link stolen property to its true owner. He says over five-thousand agencies currently utilize this technology, meaning any items recovered outside of Dodge County will still be linked to their rightful owner. The DNA for Property Kits which are valued at $40 can be obtain for free. Schmidt says a person can set up an account at and the kits will be mailed directly to the user’s address. He says there is only a one-time set up and shipping fee of $5.99 but a small percentage of that cost will help provide equipment to law enforcement around the country. Schmidt adds in the coming weeks an official kick-off campaign introducing the technology to residents will be held.

For more information about “DNA for Property” people are encouraged to email [email protected] or call 888-800-1503.