New Dodge County Chief Deputy Talks Leadership On WBEV

(Juneau) One Community Comment last week, we had the opportunity to talk with the new chief deputy of the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office. Scott Mittelstadt spent 23 years at the Sheboygan Police Department before applying to be a captain in the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office. In January, he was selected to replace Scott Smith as chief deputy. Mittelstadt brings with him leadership training he learned from a three-week program developed by the International Association of Chiefs of Police. He says week one covers individual behavioral science which teaches how people are different. Week two details group dynamics and week three discusses organizational dynamics. Mittelstadt says the lessons learned from the course teach individuals how to become better leaders and to better understand human relationships. The Dodge County-native also has an extensive background on traffic related crashes. Mittelstadt says his past experiences as law enforcement officer has helped him develop successful crash reduction initiatives before coming to Dodge County. The Sheriff’s office launched their crash reduction effort last fall and has posted more squad cars and signs in hotspot areas that include Highway’s 151, 33, and 16/60. Mittelstadt says the key to fixing the problem is taking a more comprehensive approach rather than implementing quick fix solutions.