New Design Launch For Dodge County Website

(Juneau) The Dodge County website has been reworked to make it easier to use for citizens. Beginning today, the Dodge County Web Governance Team and Information Technology Department published a new design for the site. IT Director Justin Reynolds says the new and improved website has a similar look and flow, with a more enhanced citizen focused and mobile responsive design. Reynolds says for the last six months, the Web Governance Team and County Website Editors have been working together to improve the website. He says the site is an active communication medium for the county to share information to empower citizens, which requires continuous improvements and enhancements. For example, the top navigation menu has been adjusted based on website traffic analytics and citizen centric terminology. All webpages have been migrated to the new design and adjusted accordingly for sustainability. Reynolds says if anyone notices something out of place to reach out using the “Contact Us” on the website or by contacting the Dodge County IT Helpdesk.