New Community Center Named “Watermark”

1/17/12 – The Beaver Dam Common Council last night approved a new name for the planned Community and Senior Center. There are no city tax dollars planned for renovation of the former Fullerton Lumber building at 209 South Center, so the non-profit group “Friends of the Beaver Dam Community Center” is organizing a $2.9 million dollar fundraising campaign. As part of the campaign, the group unveiled a new logo and building name last night, asking the blessing of city leaders as they move forward. Karla Jensen chairs a Communications Task Force associated with the Friends group. Jensen says the name “Watermark” reflects the high water mark in the river that runs behind the building and also represents high quality paper. She says the group expects the building and its programs to reach that same high quality standard for the community. The Friends group is in pre-campaign mode, with plans to launch their official fundraising campaign shortly. Representatives with the non-profit will be our guests on WBEV’s Community Comment next Tuesday.