Netflix Episode Details Nebraska Murder Involving Horicon Teens

(Horicon) A story we followed for years on WBEV-WXRO is the subject of program on Netflix. The Confession Tapes is a true crime, television documentary series that details apparent false confessions, in some cases leading to arrest and even murder convictions of innocent people. Season Two, which premiered ten days ago on the subscription streaming service, has an episode called “Joy Ride” that details the cross-country crime spree of Gregory Fester II and Jessica Reid, then ages 19 and 17-years-old respectively. The Horicon couple was convicted of the 2006 murder of Wayne and Sharmon Stock at their rural Nebraska farm. Two other men, family members of the victims, received a $2.6-million-dollar settlement for being wrongfully accused…though at least one investigator disputes that. A crime scene analyst was even sentenced to two years in prison for illegally planting evidence. The episode details heavy-handed police interrogation tactics that result in confessions from one of the innocent men. At one point in the program, when attention is turned to the Horicon teens, the investigation turns to Juneau, Wisconsin. While local law enforcement officials can be seen in the program, the questionable interrogation methods apparently involve only the Nebraska investigators.









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