Neitzel Pleads ‘Not Guilty’

3/20/12 – A former Mayville man who was allegedly found inside the home of his ex-girlfriend pled not guilty late last week. 27-year-old Sean Neitzel is facing a felony burglary and misdemeanor Disorderly Conduct charges. According to the criminal complaint, authorities stepped up patrols in the area after the woman filed a report saying she started noticing footprints to and from her house in early December. On January 27, an officer patrolling the woman’s neighborhood found a vehicle parked on a back street with footprints leading to the residence. As the officer was speaking with the upstairs tenants he heard footsteps in the woman’s home. He called for backup and authorities eventually took Neitzel into custody without incident. Neitzel has more court activity on the calendar for next month.