Nehls Targeting OWI Violators

10/25/11 – The Dodge County Sheriff’s Department is considering a new website to alert people to repeat drunk drivers who violate their terms of their bonds. That’s after a 57-year-old Fox Lake man allegedly kept driving to-and-from his favorite bars in violation of a bond for his fourth O-W-I charge. Sheriff Todd Nehls says he wants to make the Fox Lake man an example. He says he wants to hear from anyone who may have served or witnessed Jeffrey Mahnke consume alcohol since his last OWI conviction last November. In fact, the sheriff says there are hundreds of people who are ordered to live within certain boundaries while their cases are being heard in the courts. And even though those limits are of public record, he says they quote, “continue to willfully disobey the courts” by defying orders not to drink-and-drive, use drugs, or engage in violent behavior. Nehls also says those who serve such people are exposing themselves to criminal charges.