Nebraska Man Facing Burglary Charges in WI

10/29/11 – A Nebraska man who’s accused of attempted murder in Indiana is also facing burglary charges in Sauk County as part of a multi-state crime spree. 38-year-old William Gajdik of Lincoln was arrested October fourth in Fergus Falls Minnesota. And authorities said some of the evidence seized in the crime spree was taken in three house burglaries September 27th near Lake Delton. Sauk County Sheriff Chip Meister said his department is asking prosecutors to file charges of armed burglary, theft, and criminal damage. But before he can face those charges, Gajdik must have his attempted murder case settled in Dearborn Indiana. Minnesota authorities said they arrested Gajdik on a warrant from Nebraska for burglary and escape. He’s been extradited to Indiana. Meanwhile, Sauk County authorities continue to investigate the burglaries – and those with information are asked to call the sheriff’s office or the Crime Stoppers’ program in Baraboo.