Nation Of Patriots Flag Returns Home To Beaver Dam

(Beaver Dam) The Patriot Ride rode into Beaver Dam on Saturday. It was the ninth annual year for the nationwide event and the first year that it arrived in Beaver Dam since the city was named the official site going forward for both the send-off in May and the return in September. One United States flag left Beaver Dam and traveled throughout the country this summer, stopping in each of the lower 48 states, before returning back to the city.  There was a ceremony and fundraiser at each stop to raise money for local veterans. The final exchange was at Beaver Dam’s Swan Park where hundreds were in attendance, along with local officials. Brad Weber is with the Nation of Patriots, the organization that sponsors the Patriot Ride. Weber says the ride has created a groundswell across the nation encompassing more than 150-thousand riders from across the US to carry the country’s flag. Mayor Becky Glewen noted that the ride was a long journey across the nation before coming home to Beaver Dam. The mayor accepted the flag that made the journey and that flag now resides at City Hall.


View the 2018 Ceremony here:

Nation of Patriots 2018 Arrival Ceremony