More Mural Locations Identified In Downtown Beaver Dam

2/6/17 – More locations have been announced for a major summer event.  During a recent appearance on WBEV’s Community Comment, Downtown Beaver Dam Inc.’s Karla Jensen shared the buildings that will be painted during this summer’s ‘Decorate the Dam’ mural festival.  Jensen says plans include putting a banking history mural inside American National Bank’s downtown location, a veteran’s mural on Beaver Dam Paint and Glass, a church and immigration history mural on FYI Zone, a brewery history mural on Stooges Bar, a Gould Nursery mural on Fast Eddie’s, a car and racing history mural on Cigelske’s, a mural covering educational history on Ming’s, a mural depicting sci-fi writer Raymond Gallun on Rasske’s Appliance, two park and rec history murals on the Watermark Community and Senior Center, and possibly a Doge County Fair historical mural on the corner of South Spring and Front streets.  She says the festival committee is still deciding where to place murals that depict motorcycle history and the history of industry and manufacturing.  Whether it is finding a home for those two murals or any other murals that could be proposed in the coming months, Jensen says there are still buildings available.  She says whoever funds each $7,500 mural has the ability to share their preference of where the mural will be located, assuming that building can be secured.  Upon completion, Jensen says brochoures will be made that tell where the murals are located and share the story behind each work.  Two murals were already painted in recent years: one depicts the Monarch Range on Richard’s Insurance and the other shares radio and television history on the side of the Interquest building.  This summer’s festival runs from June 28 through July 2 as artists from around the world will converge on Beaver Dam.  The murals are meant to bolster tourism and beautify the city’s downtown area.