Multiple Agencies Signing Agreement With Dodge County Drug Task Force

(Juneau) The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office Drug Task Force will be seeing increased collaboration from area agencies. Over the past few weeks, surrounding municipalities have been approving a mutual aid agreement to cooperate with the task force.

Sheriff Dale Schmidt says a number of Dodge County police departments are coming on board including Beaver Dam, Juneau, Horicon, Waupun, Mayville, Lomira and Brownsville. He says these agencies have always participated when needed but the mutual aid agreement will bolster their preexisting relationship.

Schmidt says that neighboring agencies are and have always been routinely serving as a liaison during search warrants and other criminal investigations. He says the mutual aid agreement has been revamped in order to put in place a strong system that can last years into the future.

During Wednesday’s appearance on WBEV’s Community Comment, Schmidt said collaboration means a safer Dodge County. He says he is excited for the future of the drug task force and the impact it can have on the drug trade in an effort to make local communities safer.

Schmidt says that overdose deaths continue to be a problem, adding that surrounding counties have been hit hard by methamphetamine and that the issue is making its way to Dodge County.


Listen to Sheriff Schmidt’s February appearance on WBEV’s Community Comment