Mullins Crash Suspect Initially Targeted For Speeding

(Fox Lake) The man accused of crashing into Mullin’s Drive In Saturday night had reportedly been speeding when deputies in Columbia County initially tried to pull him over. That’s according to Sheriff Dennis Richards who tells us that suspect Veniche Rowan was driving in excess of 80-miles-per-hour in a 55-mile-per hour zone when the pursuit began on Highway 33 in the Town of Randolph. During the chase, the suspect reportedly turned his headlights off for extended periods before turning them on again. He reportedly made no attempt to stop at the intersection with Highway 73. Columbia County deputies eventually lost sight of the 53-year-old St. Francis man but radioed ahead to Dodge County. Fox Lake police helped in a search for the suspect vehicle.  Law enforcement had apparently conducted a traffic stop on a different vehicle that matched the description of the suspect at the time Rowan crashed into the car-hop restaurant. Richards says that it is his understanding that the crash did not happen during the pursuit. Rowan apparently attempted to flee on foot; Richards says he was found away from the car. Charges of felony Fleeing have been recommended to the Columbia County District Attorney. Only traffic citations for Speeding and Failure To Stop at a Stop Sign have been filed as of Monday evening. Rowan is facing charges of Operating After Revocation in Dodge County. Mullins is currently closed for the season.