More In Classroom Time Coming For BDUSD Students

(Beaver Dam) Students in the Beaver Dam School District will be spending more time in the classrooms. The school board Monday night approved a plan from Superintendent Mark DiStefano to have students in sixth through twelfth grade in classrooms four days a week. There will still be a day of virtual learning midweek on Wednesday.  

DiStefano says around 700 families responded to a recent survey on the matter and there was around 80-percent support.
School board member Tony Klatt says flu season with three months left in the year is not the appropriate time to double class sizes.  

Students had been split into two groups and the change will now bring all students together. All elementary age students who have been in school will continue in the current fiveday, per-week model. The virtual option remains unchanged. The change begins on February 1. A plan to allow outside groups to use school grounds will be considered at their February meeting, when a decision about allowing groups in March will be considered.