More Companies Looking To Energy Efficiency

6/17/12 – More companies throughout the world are looking to make their buildings more energy efficient – and they still want their governments to help pay for it. That’s according to the sixth annual commercial energy management survey by Johnson Controls of suburban Milwaukee. About 35-hundred building owners were surveyed worldwide – and 85-percent say they’re cutting energy costs as part of their overall efficiency programs. Two years ago, 51-percent said the same thing. Johnson Controls says about three-fourths of U-S commercial buildings are more than 20 years old, and they’re ready for energy improvements. But the firm says building owners continue to try-and-have taxpayers cover some of the costs in the forms of rebates and tax breaks. Johnson Controls has long provided heating-and-cooling systems for commercial structures. And Johnson recently expanded its energy-efficient projects and consulting to the commercial building market. The survey also shows that three-fourths of large companies in developing countries like China and India plan to increase what they spend on energy efficiency and renewable energy.