MMCBD Will Not Renew Contract With Dean Health Plan

(Beaver Dam) Marshfield Medical Center – Beaver Dam has announced that they will not renew their contract with Dean Health Plan. Hospital officials say they had been in discussions with Dean Health Plan for several months, and while both parties negotiated in good faith, an agreement could not be reached that they felt would allow them to meet the needs of their patients and their promises to the community.

This means that on March 1st, the hospital and its providers will no longer be in-network in the insurance plans offered by Dean Health Plan. This includes hospital-based services like testing and surgeries, as well as physician visits in the clinic setting. Marshfield Medical Center – Beaver Dam Chief Administrative Officer Angelia Foster says they will continue to be diligent in identifying opportunities for their affected community members to ensure they can continue receiving the advanced care they have come to expect from the hospital’s providers.

Even though the contract expires on February 28th, patients who have Dean Health Plan can still see their Marshfield Medical Center – Beaver Dam provider with in-network coverage under the Continuity of Care terms. This is a special authorization that allows patients to continue to seek services with out-of-network providers at an in-network benefit level after the contract has ended.

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