MMCBD Announces New Phase For Blue Zones Project

(Beaver Dam) Marshfield Medical Center – Beaver Dam announced Friday it will be entering a new phase in its community well-being efforts. After a five-year partnership with Blue Zones Project, the contract expires at months end, the hospitals well-being work will be led by its local community health team with support from Marshfield Clinic System’s Center for Community Health Advancement. As part of the transition, all current hospital staff working on the Blue Zones Project will continue their employment as part of Marshfield Clinic Health System. Also, a newly established Community Health Committee made of community representatives and community leaders, will be established to make recommendations about programs and initiatives moving forward. Inspired by opportunities identified in the 2013 Dodge County Community Health Needs Assessment, the organization stepped up its investment in community well-being by bringing Blue Zone’s to the region in 2016. The county was eventually certified as a Blue Zone’s Community in 2020. The hospital’s Chief Administrative Officer Angelia Foster says they are incredibly appreciative of the tremendous amount of hard work put in by so many in the community over the last several years. She says they brought Blue Zones Project to Dodge County to provide residents with valuable guidance and infrastructure, and to help implement sustainable, evidence-based programs and initiatives that will improve health and well-being for generations to come. The hospital’s Leadership Team and Community Advisory Board will be focusing its upcoming community wellness efforts on the recently completed Community Health Needs Assessment. Mental and behavioral are expected to be among the priorities identified. More information about the next phase of the hospital’s well-being efforts will be announced in September.