MLK Jr Celebration at Capitol Turns Political

1/17/12 – Wisconsin is not the only state where a new voter I-D law was criticized at a Martin Luther King Day event. Rallies in Georgia and South Carolina focused on similar laws in those states, as speakers accused officials of trying to suppress black votes. In Madison, the issue

came up during the state’s official King Day observance at the State Capitol. The keynote speaker, Maryland law professor Sherrillyn Ifill, did not specifically mention Wisconsin’s I-D law. But the former NAACP staff lawyer said King would have opposed it the same way he fought poll taxes and literacy tests. That drew loud applause from hundreds of people who attended. Governor Scott Walker, who approved the voter I-D law, sat quietly and listened. When he left, a couple protestors tried following him yelling “Shame, Shame” — and they were stopped by security. Walker’s only involvement in the ceremony was reading a proclamation for King Day. As he did that, two dozen protestors turned their backs and hissed.